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CS:GO – mousesports vs. SK [Train] Map 2 – Semifinal – ESL One Belo Horizonte 2018


On June 15 – 17 the beautiful city of Belo Horizonte will welcome eight of the world’s best CS:GO teams and thousands of passionate fans in the Mineirinho Arena for the first ESL One event in South America!

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  1. Sefa Tan says


  2. Benjamin 9000 says

    Yay… I mean. YAY!!!

  3. Na Cl says


  4. matt w says

    get rekt brazil

  5. Çizgi Filmler says


  6. Lord Brain says


  7. MLKloko bf4 says

    Sem áudio kskks

  8. ZarkoX Gaming says

    niko gon be fighting his old team eh

  9. James Flores says

    Fucking horns wtf did the venue became a market after the match?

  10. Best Games says

    n0thing knows tha way ! (WARNING! DEAD MEME!)

  11. a bagel says


  12. Invisible Monster says

    SK got fucked up in their own home hahahahahah

  13. ThaGhost says

    Rip sk
    Stewie wants to win and win
    But he just loseses

  14. Nathan Cerqueira says


  15. featheon says

    at least they were graceful in losing and didn't resort to animalistic behavior

  16. crazyfunkystyle66 says

    Great guy this Jordan

  17. xISharkzone says

    Where is Oskar?

  18. Hein says

    eta, sapecados de novo

  19. Ter0zak says

    how is stewie playing in sk? i always see that he is always bottom fragger

  20. Karthik Jain says

    Nothing was wearing a renegades t shirt

  21. Scream Saeed says

    the biggest cheater is styko

  22. Lucas Oliveira says


  23. Sorcus says

    Stewie, you were too greedy and you actually ruined a great team whilst also ruining the team you left.

  24. mindbodylightsound10 says

    sk will make a roster change soon

  25. Mike Prevez says

    awesome karma for Nothing after getting kicked from c9 by toxic stewie

  26. Somu Pappu says

    SK IN 2018 OMEGA LUL

  27. Lewis Dickson says

    Who else hates mouse with a passion

  28. milkly tom says

    i always thought mousesports was just good for having their sticker on redline weapons… i guess i was wrong. u like mousesports now

  29. t_mmey says

    cry is free

  30. Ananta Rai says

    Respect for jordan 👏

  31. Limpo says

    The crowd is soooo anoying going literslly ALL in after every kill that SK get

  32. TranceElevation says

    Hi, is there anywhere a version without the crowd screaming?

  33. erik heijink says

    I love ChristJ cuz i am dutch 🙂 GOGO NOTHING

  34. Vermischt vermanscht und degeneriert says

    Styko should go out for Nothing

  35. Umesh Dhaked says

    mousesports just gamble . they always playing 4 men A site in CT side. and i don't know why SK was keep going A.

  36. WhiteSupremacist says


  37. Ravishekhare Lakhan says

    noise cancellation headphones vs annoying Brazilians cheerleaders

  38. Insanaty says

    i really enjoy to see that disgusting asshole crowd cry

  39. Nickz says

    I love how quite it got when MouseSports won a round xD

  40. TanToR says

    N0thing needs to join Mouze now! He has been playing so well with them.

  41. TanToR says

    Teamless n0thing makes it all the way to grand finals. That is an awesome story. This guy needs to get picked up by another pro team if not mousesports

  42. Try Legend says

    Dounle scout setup, wow..

  43. None of my Business says

    Lol Karma a bitch Greedy Stewie.

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