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  1. DX2ification says

    Well, at least he's got a ticket.

  2. HabsCanada1 says

    This has been happening in NYC as well of late.

  3. Bilal Ahmed says

    This guy deserves a medal ahahaha

  4. Chris Pennell says

    Back in the day you could do this no problem , I can remember walking from car to car all the time in the 80's

  5. Chris Pennell says

    But I'm not saying it was safe. But back in the day there wasn't even close to as much safety as there is toda.

  6. Chris Pennell says

    Ttc .lock the doors

  7. John Anderson says

    That's nothing for spiderman.

  8. New User says

    Apparently, if Trudeau finds out his identity, the train surfer is going to be charged😕

  9. Joe Bro says

    Can’t believe that was a year ago

  10. L B says

    Man? looks too young to be a man.

  11. Ryan Kilometers says


  12. Kevon Thomas says

    The biggest goof ever.👈👀 never goof around on our public transit.respect each other time so we can continue to move along with our daily functions.👀

  13. Sandra Jensen says

    If hes willing to travel a bit further North to Vaughn he can do that at wonderland

  14. agormanvideos says

    LOL drugs!

  15. EnderThunderGaming says

    That is definitely on Line 2 because I recognize the T1 subway

  16. Andrew Jurski says

    Wow not good

  17. Andrew Jurski says

    DID you call police

  18. Maria Sings says

    oh i know him! hes my brothers friend, my brother is 16 and he does football and he used to be on my brothers team (thunders) my brother and him are good friends, and hes pretty nice to me to, hes very polite, but my brother thinks he has like ADHD or something because he says when they are training or doing conditioning hes kinda like a disturbance, he moves alot and he never really is in the right state of mind. hes a student of york university, but he never got kicked out or charged or fined because he said he didnt do it in toronto. he also told my brother that in down town toronto, theres some bridge and he walked with the moving cars on the highway or something, or dangeled on the bridge? idk.. i just over heard them talking about it lol.

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