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Deadly winter storm wreaks havoc in New York


Thousands of flights were cancelled and iconic tourist spots blanketed in snow as the Big Apple was hit by a Big Freeze…

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  1. RC RC says

    big freeze again? remember as a kid not teen a kid hearing about it in the end of the 80's.. then global warming, then global changes, and dunno what they call it today, and people still buy it..

  2. wealthy black man says

    Fingers crossed!! Wall street will fall!! New York collapses!!

  3. Asim M says

    Americans complaining as always. I don’t know what they will say when they move to Calgary or Toronto.

  4. mugen mugen says

    The Day After Tomorrow 🤤🔦

  5. TR666 says

    my uncle died in the storm R.I.P Uncle Tom 😢

  6. Stephanie from LazyTown says

    And they say that global warming isn't a hoax…

  7. Igor Simic says

    I supose this days whisky cola welcomen in nju york city.cheers from croatia

  8. BladePocok says

    Tom Clancy's The Division without virus :O

  9. Chubby_ChowCheex says

    The UK would've been on full lock down looking all deserted smh

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  11. 40 4 says

    Как то у вас все серо, холодно, люди не улыбчивые, и не пройти не проехать. Говорят там у вас гризли по улицам ходят… Не, не поеду к вам, вы злая и холодная страна.

  12. Raymond Mwaka says

    Get paid for sharing your opinion on our global brands. survey takers from USA, CANADA, UK & AUSTRALIA ONLY.

  13. Беллорофонт Мезенцев says

    Sanctions against Russia, they took the most expensive – snow!

  14. 662dodz says

    Global warming my ass!!!!!!!

  15. Jose Sanchez says

    Its time to go Alaska

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