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  1. Henry Bass says

    You surrender your rights for some "security", you then deserve neither rights nor security!

  2. ianjohn05 says

    What we need is stricter big pharma laws. Idiots! We need to ban doping our children.

  3. FarRock 6thThoro Queens says

    America the white man

  4. Carl Brutananadilewski says

    Fool Bags

  5. JUDGERAMBO says

    I feel like marching to the gun store.

  6. jkh6148 says

    NRA has made $77,450 in contributions to Cruz that's $4555 per 17 students

  7. Ray Hager says

    children will destroy the nra

  8. Simon King says

    Ironically they're being protected by people with guns 😂

  9. Angelo G says

    These are the most clueless people in out country.
    They have never had a thought that came out of there brains.
    They repeat what they heard on CNN or MSNBC and do it to the letter.

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