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  1. Literally Shitler says

    It's a good thing assault trucks aren't protected by the constitution.

  2. chris mclaughlin says

    So, now, terrorists must become inventive to avoid being just copycats, instead of true terrorists?
    There are only so many methodologies that are readily available. I'm sure your challenge will be acknowledged.

  3. E Johnson says

    Who do you think DHS has been hiring in the span of eight years?

  4. Joe Blow says

    isis really oh boy we're in it now

  5. Nate Price says

    Islamist the exact and right thing to say. More is coming. They are gathering intelligence and you better believe iran is celebrating and passing out candy.

  6. Armando7654 says

    More Left-Organized Hoax Terrorism

  7. lineflyer1 says

    Blame NYC sanctuary mayor. He loves his jihadis

  8. Roger Mallett says

    Stupid white racist white truck. No one should be able to own assault trucks

  9. Hammer Smith says

    Hillary did this to distract us from her eventual incarceration. killary gonna be smellin prison linens

  10. ingle50 says

    DHS portrays Gutless CuckTrump as Putin's 'man-whore'

  11. Gwebo Celestron says

    Wow. The genious of DHS and intel committee to indentify this as a copycat attack. No shit.

  12. OasisofSpirit says

    Copy Cat? What the hell does that matter calling it that! ITS TERRORISM BY MUSLIMS PERIOD!

  13. J lu says

    Another one of those Obama Muslim Brotherhood. It's only take one to terrorize the entire nation. Thanks to the Obama open border policy for Muslim refugees. Liberals are either stupid of numb.

  14. Raph K says

    Why did you let people from incompatible cultures enter your country?

  15. bongo fury says

    The religion of peace strikes again in New York. CNN made a point of mentioning the vehicle had a V-8 engine, so let's see if the liberals push to outlaw large engines. Maybe if we all drove cars with moped engines this could have been avoided. No one needs a power plant larger than a lawnmower……..Open our border to ALL cultures and displacements….!!!!

  16. Scotty Logan says

    Charlettesville inspired copycat attack?

  17. MsHologram .Healer says

    A copy cat false flag. Yep.

  18. Marche Blackshear says

    White still commit the most terrorist attacks

  19. D Gambit says

    It was a sand negro

  20. Cosmic Queen says


  21. Robert Hudson says

    In which previous attack did they bring a bb gun and a paintball gun. this was suicide by cop and it went wrong.

  22. Robert Hudson says

    Sources say he was working for Putin and Trump. Other sources say he was a Fox Jews viewer who couldn't take another story about Hillary so he killed those people so Fox Jews would change the subject for 24 hours.

  23. Robert Hudson says

    Where's the blood? There was blood everywhere in Nice. There's no blood. There was no blood on anyone in Las Vegas. All these bloodless victims we're seeing on the television makes me think the preparation is very sloppy. They should have got the blackwater guys who did the Boston Bombing.

  24. anoniem always says

    As long as they will live among Us, WE will have this Shit.> Islam is Islam.
    They have special Mosque in Saudi-arabia who teach to kill the infidels.

  25. anoniem always says

    This white Pigs like schumer, Pelosi, CNN are the problem.

  26. Robert Harris says

    Apparently that "big fat nothing burger" that's been cooking on the Russian fire is ready to be served up to trump and the alt-right zombies. I'm sure Mueller, with his team, have ensured that it is well-done and I hope with a HUGE side of crow. Two arrests, with more to come, is not the result of a hoax, witch hunt or FAKE NEWS! It is proof that a foreign power, assisted by americans and possibly the President of the United States, attacked the very heart of Our Constitution. Our anger and outrage should be directed towards finding out the TRUTH, punishing the guilty and ensuring that we put into place safeguards to prevent it from ever happening again.

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