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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort | DVC Studio Room Tour 2018 | Walt Disney World


Join us today for a full tour of a DVC (Disney Vacation Club) Studio Room Tour at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World. These studio rooms have a lot of really great features including: two showers, a kitchenette, and even a fold-down 5th bed in front of the TV! Watch the video for more details! Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Enjoy!!

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  1. Avery Lopez-Baines says

    The room looks amazing! Awesome tour! The Poly is my 2nd favorite resort!!!

  2. Disney Universal says

    Josh your images are very stable from your iPhone. I was wondering, what IS software are you using? 🙂

  3. CoralJoyTravel says

    I love seeing inside of this room.  I haven't stayed here before, so seeing it first hand was GREAT!  Thanks so much for the room tour.  I love the theming of the decor AND the view off the balcony is fantastic!

  4. Louloe De'Palma says

    Need to go camping at Fort Wilderness when it warms up a bit. They have numerous things to do that make for a magical camping trip. Everyone is always looking for the new, that many golden greats are forgotten about.

  5. Gamingboss8164 says

    Awesome video! Love the new and updated rooms at the Polynesian resort!

  6. Tyler Pony says

    Today’s my birthday

  7. Brian B says

    The rooms do not look like anything super special but I guess if you are going to Disney you would not be spending much time in them anyway.

  8. kevin says

    Have never stayed here and wouldn't mind staying here sometime…my older sister has always wanted to stay here ever since she was little and now she's seen the video she dyin to stay lol

  9. jims journey3 says

    That was very helpful, Appreciate your time and effort in showing us this resort. Thank you.

  10. aguercioni BigAL says

    That was sooooo good and super cool of the Bruce family for letting all 20k hoppers in his room. Thanks to all for a great Vlog.

  11. Mouse Junky says

    Awesome video – that is a beautiful room!

  12. ERIN GO BRAGH says

    Thanks Josh.Polynesian always a favorite. Nice family to let you tour their room.

  13. How We Do Disney says

    It’s bittersweet to see a place I may never stay at, it’s an awesome view of the Polys room but darn! I want to stay there. Polynesian and the Boardwalk are my top two resorts I want to stay at.

  14. Lauri Carlson says

    Good afternoon to you josh and Jenna have a magical day today happy Wednesday afternoon

  15. Eezy B says

    Enjoy your hotel video

  16. DreamersEmpire says

    The view from the balcony was amazing! I'm assuming its out of my budget :p

  17. Hannah Vance says

    love this resort

  18. Renee Wray says

    Wow! Nice room! TWO showers??? That is awesome! Do non-DVC members get a room like this? Do you know what the cost of the rooms are? Thanks for this awesome tour, Josh!

  19. cheryle ann says


  20. MagicalNewsLIVE says

    Loved it Josh! I know you love the Poly, so I'm sure you had fun with it. It's my favorite Resort also! Thanks!

  21. Sabrina F says

    This is a nice video thumbs up maybe I might stay here in the future.

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