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Dumbo: The Most Expensive Neighborhood in Brooklyn


Dumbo is located beneath two famous bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, which makes her the most photogenic neighborhood in NYC.
Dumbo stands for: Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass.
Living in a building surrounded by these spectacular views comes with a hefty price tag. Take a look.

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  1. Patrick Alejandro says

    I love your videos! Please, make one about Battery Park City, because I intend to study at Institute of Culinary Education (ICE).

  2. Frisnel Leger says

    The architecture along with those views are breathtaking. This channel is such a treasure trove.

  3. Jessy Garci says

    Being born in NY and in my late 30s lol.I remember when hardly anyone wanted to visit Brooklyn, especially the tourist. It was all about Manhattan.Now people love visiting both, which is great to see how much those parts have improved. I actually would like to visit soon. 😊

  4. Alvaro Melo says

    Forever NYC Forever

  5. dave conyard says

    Thank's for yet another brill post, NYC the best, keep safe All,

  6. NyYankees1985 says

    Dumbo is cool to visit on a nice sunny day… but i would never live there. Big seltzer has its tenticals around everything down there
    poppop fizfiz

  7. B Stevenson says

    Love this and all your videos! How about an itinerary for a week??? I know that's a great deal but if you want to …. thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Sylvia S says

    Sitting here in Texas thinking how I'd actually love to be in DUMBO. What lovely place.

  9. Miriam Bucholtz says

    I watch your videos because I enjoy looking at buildings, but I'm beginning to tire of all these expensive places, which are far out of my element. Do you ever show videos of places where ordinary people live?

  10. Tony Jackson says

    Great video i truly love the NYC “””

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