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  1. K3LPO GAMING says

    0:43 that's what she said


  2. Kylda Reviews Toys! says


  3. Gigga Niggeh says

    all these thots love their cookie dough

  4. Mai Serena says

    I'm my country(Japan) eggs are ok to eat raw. Lol

  5. Flipped Perfect says

    holy shit edible cookie dough

  6. XenonsGodspeed 50553 says

    This title don't make sense cuz cookie dough has always been edible

  7. Brian Truong says

    I wish I lived in NYC because I love cookie dough

  8. Itzroro says

    All I could think of was Chloe lmao

  9. AaliyahFilms says

    Sorry I like most foods cooked

  10. The Young Artist says

    D I A B E T E S

  11. isaacgamesandvlogs says

    I wish my parents did make have be vegan😟

  12. Briefing Bread says

    I ate a whole bag of cookie dough today ;-;

    I'm gonna die soon

    Plan my funeral

  13. ClassicCutie says

    I fucking love cookie dough!

  14. Emelie Martinez says

    Is the shop edible?

  15. LalaLots productions says

    wait, so cookie dough wasnt edible before this, i was just eating dough I'm gonna die aren't I

  16. Josie Ogilvie says

    i went it was amazing

  17. Ninja Kitty says

    The song is from Boomerang when i was little 😀 reminds me of the good ol' days!

  18. S Deliang says

    I wana go there but i am At Singapore and I'm eight

  19. Miss Melanin says


  20. Katana Lady says

    i've never had cookie dough before. just cooked cookies

  21. vibhu garg says

    Guys watch Pokemon sun and moon episode 51 to watch click this link and subscribe my channel

  22. 99Percent Derp says

    These kinda videos make me crave for not having celiac disease

  23. megan wu mo says

    Wow that looks soooooooooooo good my mom need to be in there i wish she work over there

  24. Vivian's ShowAndVlogs says

    when You Realize that place does not sell even near you 😂😂☹️

  25. Surah Online says

    😍😍😮 God is REAL lol

  26. Ilena Puppy says

    I’m having the cookie ice cream cone as i watch this…. how ironic

  27. I'm a Bad artist1234 says


  28. huybui207 says

    Diabetes here i come

  29. Tosh Hearst says

    All cookie dough is edible

    If you not a lil bitch

  30. izzah Khursheed says

    Nyc mean

  31. LIL Kawaii Cat says

    "Edible cookie dough"

    Was it not edible before?°<°

  32. S Deliang says

    I wish i could be there but I'm in Singapore

  33. S Deliang says

    ( T ʖ̯ T)

  34. Misty Forests says

    make your own diabetes!

  35. Rosie Bee says

    I can hear the snapchatters running to New York from here.

  36. Wickid Gaming says

    Why do I have to not be a big fan of cookie dough…

  37. Lamp Shade Roblox says

    My dreams in one cone and a milkshake..

  38. The Gummy Game says

    I had the confetti flavor with a red velvet cone. It was pretty neat. They even sell do for dogs! But if you ever go here, my suggestion is only order 1 scoop at a time. Its really filling! Also, i think i saw the lady at 1:03 :3

  39. xDramaLlama_ にゃ says

    Umm no thank you I'm good with my other cookie dough from the store.

    * casually walks into this place *

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