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Electroneum (ETN) Mass Adoption Will Come, Instant Crypto Payments!


Electroneum is having a critical upgrade, the instant payment system coming sooner than I expected. You just wait for that mass adoption, it’s gonna come.


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  1. DustyBC says

    Electroneum Baby!

  2. elFlaneur says

    Great video!

  3. Ichigo Kurosaki says


  4. Daniel says

    Thanks for the video again

  5. Vin Pedro says


  6. Jan De bouwman says

    Electroneum is a quality coin

  7. Dj Robbie Rush says

    Promise it will go back to 0.20 cents 😜

  8. Sjef Dun Eerste says

    Hoop sooooooo

  9. Alexandru Bolovan says

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    2: – Create account and log in to app using your account
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  10. James #itsgoodforyourheart says

    Got to get me some of this…

  11. Ivan Palad says

    ETN waking-up soon.. 🙀🙀

  12. OnlyforCrypto Currency says


  13. Enrique Diaz says

    So does this mean that etns difficulty will go down so i can mine it with my gpu

  14. eric birk says

    Great video!

  15. MIGUEL DURON says

    You should be there Dusty. Shoulder to shoulder with Mr Richards.

  16. Sonar Khalid says

    hey what do u mean by electruneum app users are safe? what about cryptopia holders? do we need to transfer our etn from cryptoopia to etn mobile wallet before that fork of 30th may? cryptopia is not safe?

  17. joes torres says

    2019 it will be 10 bucks or higher

  18. Tahj Thomas says

    Hmmm ill have to look into this.

  19. prem solanki says

    Using electronum mobile miner since last 10 days . Got 109etn till now.

  20. Henry Clark says

    Moon is coming for etn!!!!

  21. Darshan Sarwade says


  22. niko porre says

    Electroneum is a good project…for me max 2 years 1$

  23. magnus4g63 says

    Awesome, ETN team is awesome!

  24. Brett Attee says

    Filled out the form and followed – Thank you

  25. hyip monitor says


  26. TIMM TUBE says

    ETN GO TO THE MOON 🙋‍♂️❤

  27. Henrik Kugelberg says

    You are always the best source for ETN-news!

  28. Guyon Veuillet Arnaud says

    Go go go,,, ETN will pop up ,,,, that s obvious

  29. Someone Seller says

    etn is the future!

  30. Khadem Hossein says

    Electroneum to the moon i hearing this shit every day since it was .0.20 cents and the price keep droping to 0.02 cents at this momement .its all bulshit dont buy its scam coin

  31. Dennis Markakis says

    Biggest sleeping giant coin of all time

  32. zeno de beer says

    Amazing video. Subbed instant
    Your awesome

  33. Kyle MacLean says

    Electroneum; double-digit dollars before you know it!

  34. Adrian Reynolds says

    Loving ETN, keep holding

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