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Elon Musk: Mars rocket will fly next year


During a Q&A at the SXSW festival, Elon Musk said SpaceX will be ready to fly its Mars rocket in 2019.
Musk said last year that his Mas rocket, called BFR or Big Falcon Rocket, could one day fly people from city to city on Earth in incredibly short time spans, touting that it would take 30 minutes to hop from New York to Shanghai.
CNN’s Samuel Burke reports.

  1. slowndes79 says

    Why can't you get what he said right? It's almost like your ratings suck and you need the outrage effect to get hits.

  2. Dylan Tapper says

    fuckin aye now know what trumpusan was saying fuckin fake news this shit i n c o r r e c t

  3. Hayden Macfarlane says

    Why even talk about it if you don't know

  4. Anthony Vodopia says

    CNN lying again

  5. Ben Henry says

    These guys are so negative! instead of encouraging the dude they keep on slandering him. i thought CNN hired smart people but everyday they behave like desperate house wives!

  6. Shor says

    Holy fucking scaremongering

  7. Mike Lee says

    Is the host retarded? For sure do better.

  8. Faham Negini says

    too many wrong information in this video, these two guys didn't do their homework!

  9. 21st CENTURY POLYMATH says

    I love Elon

  10. Victor White says

    CNN you are a piece of SHIT

  11. Raissa-Karolina De Mooie says
  12. Excessum Gaming says

    Seriously what do they pay them for. Massive fail on research. All you had to do is goolge you idiots! You would hear it from the horse mouth…

  13. J says

    That guy sounds like such a dumb ass my God …..

  14. kurčina says

    OMFG!!! is this an official CNN channel?!!! no wonder Trump is refering to it as a fake news all the time! it is full of misinformation or out of contex WTF CNN?!

  15. hum says

    Fuck it. DNA gets mutated in space.

  16. Gary Pugh says

    At least he's doing something. I'm 66 and watched mercury thru apollo. NASA doesnt seem to do anything so far. Going to mars otbiting and coming back might be easy as like apollo 8 did, but landing , take-off, and returning is another matter as in apollo 11. 🤔….please send joy behar on first flight.

  17. dragonchallenge332 says

    This fucking guy that is interviewing. Please fix you voice.

  18. Sho me de wey says

    BFR: big falcon rocket

  19. Preston T Cro says

    Sorry, CNN. You have no idea what you are talking about

  20. Derek Dufon says

    "Elon Musk says his rocket should make the short flight to Mars next year. Here's some engines, the propellant , and other labels on the picture.
    Here's some scary words: Nuclear war, the dark ages, World War 3 and Artificial Intelligence, and GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS.That's why he's going up there. As they always say 'You hope people will be profitable.'

  21. Rajitha Seneviratne says

    CNN is fake news. This video simply add one more proof for it

  22. Tarmo Alexander Sundström says

    "quality" of american media never ceases to amaze me.

  23. Ask Ibsen Lindal says

    That dude from London. What a stupid fuck

  24. Crazy Joe says

    Fuck these haters

  25. WeHave2009 says

    this guys are retards

  26. DD2DL says

    You guys are misinformed, but passing that "misinformed" on to a wider audience is irresponsible. Check yer fax boyz

  27. Basketvector says

    This is a very uninformed report.

  28. Mulinaster says

    I love the fact that Elon fires a shot at the media, and INSTANTLY the media starts to defend itself like crazy, posting up articles about how crazy Elon has become and how Trumpian he's become. Here's a hint, mainstream media: When you spend so much time posting "news articles" defending your journalism, you're doing the EXACT THING that people are accusing fake news over – self-interested bias and your own agenda rather than objective reporting of the facts. Thou doth protest too much. You've made yourself the news story as a self-interested entity rather than as detached arbiter of information. Time to go back to Journalism 101, kids.

  29. sulljoh1 says

    You are clowns.

  30. Charlie Tango says

    CNN is such a joke. Let's send them to mars.

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