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Emirates A380 Flight Review: Economy Class Dubai to Singapore EK354


Emirates A380 Economy Class night flight experience, onboard EK354 from Dubai to Singapore (DXB-SIN).

Flight time is 7 hours and 36 minutes. The passenger load in Economy Class is light, enabling passengers to enjoy a row to themselves. Light bites are served after take off and a hot breakfast is served before landing. The cabin is kept dark for most part of the flight, allowing passengers a good night’s sleep and a refreshed arrival into Singapore. It is a fantastic Emirates red-eye flight.

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  1. Food and Travel says


  2. Raymond Leong says

    As always great video! I am just not a fan of Emirates. Just don't like the arrogance of their CEO just like the one at airasia…have a great weekend….

  3. Soreyes11 says

    A great report as usual. The food and service all looked good.

  4. Zulkarnain Zainiddin says

    good review 👍🏽

  5. TheDore [Theodore] says

    How did you get audio from the IFE? Or is it just an excerpt you put in during the edit.

  6. Alexander Sharp says

    Real nice FlightTravels hope you enjoyed your flight on emirates also till we meet again :Alexander

  7. Traveller - Trip Reports & Travel Videos says

    Nicely put together Flight Review! Nice to see a good selection of drinks available too. We have not yet tried Emirates but have only heard good things about the service onboard their aircraft. Hope you had a good time in lovely Singapore! Have a good weekend – Best Regards from Maxi and Maro.

  8. Aus TV Uploader says

    That noodle dish with dumplings looks so yummy

  9. fionavirginia says

    I was on Emirates a380 to and from KUL-DXB-CMN last year and I remember it well the tv screens are much bigger than this one in the video.

  10. Bernd Klüver says

    I've been on this route in 2013 on a triple 7. From Frankfurt via Dubai to Singapore and than to Brisbane. On arrival we had a nice tropical rainstorm over Indonesia and the aircraft was shaking. The captain thought of an alternate airport like Kuala Lumpur but made a first attempt. Huuuh. We were all glad touching the concrete in Changi and it was nearly pitch dark outside at 6pm there. That was my ride with EK 354.

  11. Bennet Fan says

    I never have that chance to fly Emirates,so sad

  12. Pat Szam says

    Nice report as usually! Thanks for not using that dreadful music intro too.

  13. Red Velvet Twice GFriend BlackPink yay says

    Great review as always! You should try flying on the Singapore Airlines new B787-10 Dreamliner.

  14. Alexander Petkov says

    Great video! What’s your favourite airline?

  15. Alexander Petkov says

    What did you do to the flight reviews from the channel, RVXKAZ?

  16. Muhammad Umar says

    Emirates a380 is very nice and i love flying with it. This is a really nice video Flight Travels

  17. White Angel says

    So nice 💜

  18. White Angel says

    I wish i can fly this August to Beijing on Emirates Airlines. I can imagine how much it would be nice experience Oh!

  19. Neil S says

    Hey there Flighttravels, You do a lot of flying. Do you do these reviews for a living?

  20. AirlineTraveller says

    Great video =D

  21. amc3 says

    Another great video, cabin looked pretty quiet, I would have moved myself to a window seat and get a full row to myself. While the Turkey Roll looked a bit poor, your other food looked excellent. Never had a bad meal on any Emirates flight.

  22. jaymuller says

    That's turkey??? Jack at 03:45, you're a beast!

  23. Farang Travels says

    Excellent, love it 😀

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