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  1. Peaceful person says

    When is bay ridge Ave gonna open???

  2. MTA Bus Fan NYC says

    When will Prospect Av Open

  3. Kirby Flame says

    So that station opened today! It looks really nice!

  4. R42 J Productions says

    Amazing reopening

  5. Aiden Pearce says


  6. JELLY ABRAHAM87 says

    I saw that when I saw in the N express train passing that fast

  7. DTD110865 says

    Is Pelham Parkway station on the Dyre Avenue Line part of this initiative, or is that another program? Because if it is, you should preserve the NYW&B indicator sign there. And if you can't, at least preserve it at the Transit Museum.

  8. The Amazing Giant says

    Is it me or did this station reopen ahead of schedule????

  9. MR. Alex says

    I'm impressed too bad I don't live in that neighborhood anymore

  10. Abstractt says

    Can 125 street on the a b c d get a major overhaul?

  11. Abstractt says

    1 station down, 471 left

  12. ExileLinkv2 says

    Cool, but I'm a little disappointed that I'll never know the original tilework of this before concrete tiles were slapped over it.

  13. DoodleBob Tha Railfann says

    Can't believe the day I come to visit my cousin was the day they reopened they was giving out cute lil pamphlets😭

  14. People Evil says

    Watch some drug addict and ghetto hood rat decides to collect $5 for the USB port.

  15. People Evil says

    Watch some drug addict and ghetto hood rat decides to collect $5 for the USB port.

  16. Michael O'Keefe says

    Looks nice, but you can't beat the old school look in my opinion.

  17. Adreece High says

    Dang that was kinda quick imma check it out in two weeks

  18. Danny Ip says

    How come my station isnt an esi has far for everyone

  19. menevetsny says

    While this is nice, I just want to get around in a timely manner, all the window dressing in the world isn't getting me to my destination on time.

  20. R 4 2 says

    No plans for Chambers Street?

  21. Yoselin Duarte says

    OMG OMG😍

  22. Ken Mangam says


  23. gunter98 says

    Someone is putting gum into that USB slot for sure

  24. playboymansion says

    Chill with the USB ports… nobody using that shit except those homeless who randomly have cell phones. Homeless in subway station = stink as fuck

  25. Wilkins Rodriguez says

    Very Impressive

  26. Wilkins Rodriguez says

    what about the 7 line

  27. Stefan R says

    Funny how J/Z Chambers st station is not on the list. That giant mess could use the huge overhaul.

  28. Adam Decker says

    You should clean all the black mold and dirt that's hanging off the Grand Central Terminal subway station ceiling. It looks filthy and disgusting.

  29. RalphieAlphie17 says

    If there's any borough that needs esi it's Staten island Staten island needs new trains better train stations and the mta needs to repair the North shore branch as well also keep the S40 cause it can help balance the customers between bus or train also it would be nice if the Staten island railroad was connected between Staten island and Brooklyn traffic would decrease maybe they could use the unfinished Staten island tunnel or the verazanno Bridge

  30. TrainBusesRailFan says

    Can you put there B,D,F,M and v trains on 6 avenue line mtainfo

  31. MTA New York City Subway says


  32. TYGR-_-CLAN says

    MTA if you're listening please bring back the R142a on the 7 please put the R142A on the 6 again i hate these trashy R62AS I Want the r142a back on the 6 line

  33. Eric Chan says

    Any clue when Prospect Ave station and Bay Ridge Ave station might reopen?

  34. Van Pilatus says

    I 💙 MTA!!!!

  35. Chrysis Elgie says

    The new 53rd Street station design is gorgeous. One suggestion. Make sure the tiles installed are durable. In many of the station renovations done in the 1980's and 1990's, the tiles are decayed and crumbling.

  36. QuarioQuario54321 says

    Dear MTA,
    When will the first R179 be in passenger service?

  37. penaforE says

    Does the new 53rd Street station have air cooling systems like the new 34th Street Hudson Yards station and with the new stations along the Second Avenue Subway? Also, does the station have fire alarms too?

  38. jamari ! says

    did you guys forget that chamers st on J exists?

  39. Fernando Salas says

    Wow wonderful I feel great about my station in my neighborhood! until, fares go up because someone has to pay for all of these upgrades.

  40. Steven Zhou says

    This renovated station is so enchanting!

  41. Mightymike27 says

    Mta I need to say something to you

  42. Mightymike27 says

    Is it possible for all of your crew members to try to build a station with all the trains from the 1 train to the z train

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