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Exploring Kuala Lumpur Chinatown! Super random video


Exploring Kuala Lumpur Chinatown! Super random video

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By Jermaine Ellis
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  1. nicholas williams says

    Do you eat street food?

  2. flubsurfer says

    What does that guy say at 4:54 ?

  3. Toyskram says

    When dude yelled Hakuna Matata I was dead. LOL

  4. JACOB 007 says

    make your videos longer bro

  5. Citizens of Everywhere says

    Hahaha Hakuna Matata. We just landed in Kuala Lumpur, and cannot wait to explore! Great information, and great looking food! Consider us subscribed, always down to support a fellow travel vlogger. Time to start filming so we can get our take on KL uploaded (already working on that drone video!). Keep up the great work!

  6. El Mission says

    Hey man, you know what I notice about some of your footage is you like to go to outdoor markets and bazaars. A relative of mine is like that. For this person it's the interaction with people and the energy you feel being around that kind of stuff. It's also the promise of finding a helluva deal on stuff. Haggling for prices is a thing too….Have a safe trip, bro!

  7. BigDannyK says

    8:30 sexy girl in a crop top <3

  8. Silent Four-Eyes says

    Love how you always say ''I'll be back'' but we all know you're never going back there xd

  9. Robert S says

    And in this episode , Jermaine travels ten thousand miles to buy a 50 cent orange, counterfeit Starbucks t-shirt and walk around a swap meet. 😂🤣😂

  10. Clinton Payne says

    wow didn't realise theres alot of indian people over there

  11. Clinton Payne says

    why didn't you hagle for the starbucks shirt you could of got it for cheaper!

  12. Dindin Private says

    Be interested to know if that "Starbucks" shirt lasts past the first laundering.

  13. Saint Nicholas says

    Do you think some of them people think its the guy from bel air walking through??

  14. AL Ian says

    5:18 Dem Asians think Jerm is making a low budget rap video. Kendrick Ellis keepin' it 110%. 😂😂😂😂

  15. BRYAN HILTON says

    Thanks Always enjoy

  16. debradenslow says

    What's a sellout? Bought and paid for.

  17. debradenslow says

    I can't be bought and I'm not for sale.

  18. Mr. Raffle says

    Big jay in the house 🏡 daddy can u dig it 💅🏿💪🏿

  19. debradenslow says

    I realize now that if one gets away in the system then we all get away in the system. They can't let that happen and they don't. Free Will on the other hand is our choice. They think people are for sale but I'm not! Am I the one that got away to help you? Maybe!!

  20. Emmanuel Trujillo says

    #anothaone ADVENTURE!!!!

  21. acajudi100 says

    I am planning to move to Johor Bahru , Malaysia, when rents and utilities go beyond my retirement income. I would have a furnished studio apartment. You were in the ghetto. I love how you ignored the stares, as I did. Neve take the first price, and half it, and go a reasonable lower price. Stay off all China Airline, and go to Consumer Affairs and be shocked on Google.

  22. acajudi100 says

    Great Reporting Jermaine. I would love to live in Singapore, but rents are just too high, but the safety. Huge gang activity there.know you are being ripped off, and charged much more. The orange I probably 50cents for a dozen in the market. Thank you for not playing music, and letting us hear the street sounds and the stupid stairs of the Chinese, Indians, Malays, etc.

  23. Anne Mack says

    free reparations coffee .. forever !👍 go ☕star•bees ☕!!

  24. dj nY says

    Get me one wallet bro 😂

  25. Question: Who is The US Government - Answer: They Train, Arm and Finance Terrorist Groups? says

    The more you travel, you'll quickly realize America is a big OVERPRICED, rip-off, GREEDY country WITH millions of FAKE people wearing Supreme, rolex and LV…….

  26. Banch says

    Bought a suitcase at this exact market from the guy with the blingbling backpack 😀

  27. Alan Bligh says

    Welcome Malaysia and I hope you enjoy Kuala Lumpur. When did you fly in from Bali? I was there too and came back on the 30 May. Travel safe

  28. Mike Bailey says

    Thank you for your video Jermaine! Thank you for showing us around! Thumbs up!

  29. HopeChroniclesGaming says

    are you using go pro 6 in this vid?

  30. Thomas DeDominicis says

    I remember seeing that on Petaling street you pointed to what was cooking I think it was chestnuts.Was just in Kuching last month the Borneo side of Malaysia.

  31. Andrew Costiniano says

    Lol anyone need a belt they got em, watches they got em. Thanks for sharing your journey bro.

  32. Louis Y says

    If they ask for 800. U counter 80. If they say 28. U say 5. U need to learn to bargain more!!

  33. Jeremy See says

    Is this filmed on a GoPro Hero 6?

  34. 94110mission says

    A very entertaining travelog. I check in from time to time and am always amazed at your journey. I never know where I'm going to find you. BTW, in about thirty years, and several more pounds, you're gonna look back at this video, and those last shots on the roof, and wonder to yourself, "Where did that body go?"

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