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  1. Steve Upisleeve says

    Okay, there's 2 things that are very peculiar with this news story (and let us NOT forget that ALL news across the U.S. IS scripted): First off, this boy's virtual stepdad has a reaction as if he's talking about his boy's first steps instead of the pain of losing a family member. He DOES have a pretty nice smirk going though, which is typical of "Crisis Actors" when being interviewed. Then we have the victim's supposed brother who appears to be a youngish teen, saying, "No family should feel the same pain that we're going through right now." EXCUSE ME?? Is this a normal comment for a brother to utter, and without any trace of the "pain" he just mentioned?
    My question is, "Why don't they get better directors for these Crisis Actors? I'm sorry….they're not at all convincing. 9/11 was the same. The Boston Bombing was the same. Sandy Crook was the same. San Bernadino was the same. If you're going to mislead the masses (with the endeavor of scaring everyone into getting a flu shot that has a 1 in 200 chance of being the same strain that is prevalent) then PLEASE….make it a lot more believable. Many of us KNOW what your evil, overall plan is, so how about a little professionalism when airing your bullshit?!? SHEESH!!

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