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  1. Johnny Scythe says

    Did trump stiff the person responsible for preventing this?

  2. MattPlayzYT says

    Shit the tower didn’t collapse

  3. waiting 90 days to change my name says

    The pee pee tape was in that fire.

  4. Mike Rist says

    Wow I have been repetadly told how tolerant and loving you Libarels are. But look at yourselves and how you respond to any thing Trump! You are consumed with HATE!. Read the Bible HATE will eat you alive.

  5. Ted Kleinsasser says

    May God protect and keep you and your family.
    Trump 2020

  6. Dax Smith says

    FDNY was hoping that trump was the person who died…

  7. Dax Smith says

    Who cares if the first family was there. What a stupid question?

  8. Mike will says

    The residence clearly didn't have a fire sprinkler system because there wouldn't have been flames rolling out of the windows.

  9. Leslie Fiore says

    Some crackhead fucked up hope it was a liberal

  10. Leslie Fiore says

    Bomb building libtard???? I hope so!!!

  11. Tracey ivy says

    They found some… hair and … coke …….at the scene

  12. lilli lilli says

    Karma Trump…KarmA…or are you trying to get some anssurancy money???🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

  13. ghostrider007ist says

    People have no respect. A person is in critical condition and has lost everything, and the worst of humanity begins its sarcasm. And people wonder why ETs won't openly meet with earth humans, because we don't know how to treat each other.

  14. Gabe Kopca says

    Hillary…cut it out! You've done enough, right Bernie?

  15. Bk5up880 says


  16. TheIron Smith says

    A message from Canada….. Fire fighters in large cities, should use heavy drones that carry long hoses from outside as an aid to help fight fires in towers.

  17. William Scott says

    Most older buildings like this don't have sprinkers, it wasn't a code requirement. Many buildings like this are grandfathered and don't have to update. It would cost 100's of millions to put sprinklers in.

  18. Mark Edwards says

    Contrary to recent MSM reports about Trumps popularity.
    The people love him so much …
    Someone tried to burn his house down !

  19. Cloudblue0 says


    Always FEARLESS!

  20. Mary Kelly says

    Trump…"it's a very well built building." LOL fraud once again.

  21. Steven J. Trump 2020 says

    God bless the FDNY for their brave heroics.

  22. Alberto C says

    How come it didn't fall like the World Trade Center building 7 on 9/11 which, officially due only to office fires, fell symmetrically at free fall speed through the path of most resistance? Maybe he didn't decide to "Pull it" like lucky Larry Silverstein. Wakey wakey people. We got some serious psychopaths running the government and mainstream media.

  23. John Lansing says

    Liberals are mad that beer drinking taco eating truck driving high school graduates were right.

  24. Ian McGarrett says

    Beyond disgusting is Trump's response: giving himself a pat on the back for a well built building. It would have been better built if it had sprinklers. And at Trump Towers rates the absence of sprinklers demonstrate what a cheap skate he is. For that matter, I've lived in several apartments and none of the buildings I've lived in have had fires in them. Just goes to show what a shabby builder and all-round shabby human being Donald Trump is.

  25. Drums of Osiris says

    Oh you don’t know what caused the fire

    How covenant

  26. chris60810 says


  27. Jeffrey Bull says

    Think Reichstag fire.

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