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Footage shows Argentinian victims cycling shortly before New York attack


Footage taken by one of the survivors of the New York attack – Ariel Benvenuto – shows the group of friends enjoying a ride on the bike path near the World Trade Center complex on Tuesday shortly before the attack. The five victims were among eight friends who travelled from Argentina on Sunday for a trip to New York and Boston, near where one of their classmates lives. * Argentina mourns New York victims: businessmen, architects and lifelong friends

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1 Comment
  1. Peter Mullen says

    What words can describe the terrible feeling of sadness, and tragedy for these beautiful people? They're smiling, and happy in the pleasure of reunion, an adventure in one of the worlds greatest cities, full of hope and joy for the future, and their past.

    What diseased mind could bring an end to such beauty, and peace? This sick, degenerate mind of a "(misguided and warped religious fanatic)" that's who. Seven billion people on this planet have (their own personal ideas), "(their own vision of morality)", (their own origin beliefs). Most respect that which sustains them. Most people know acutely what "(natural morality)" means. It's the set concepts devised by ancient societies perhaps as much as 50,000 years ago, or more. Our ancient ancestors recognized the value of unity, and respect for others property, rights, and safety, and the right to life. There have always been animalistic freaks, who's warped minds, and brainwashed sick mentality allows, and prepares them to commit such insane acts of brutality. Every sane person on this earth should be screaming denunciation to all those barbaric lunatics who would conceive of such madness. This freak this coward, this animal is not a soldier, not a warrior, not a hero, not a devotee of any deity that wouldn't condemn him. He is an animal, who's brain is diseased, and who's behavior warrants public disgrace, humiliation, and a dark life inside a darkened box to contemplate his abomination of despicable murder.

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