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  1. Rick Harvey says

    Time to fire, hire, and do the work of justice. Eliminate corruption, and replace incompetent people and run the government correctly, and for the benefit of our country and our citizens, not to mention our children.

  2. Tex Resident says

    We need more successful business people to operate government and NO MORE  experienced politicians and lawyers.

  3. KrusadesHD says

    subscribe to me if you wish you could change anything about yourself….

  4. Jean H. says

    Thanks to all the folks that make the chat so enjoyable!

  5. Bill says

    and the bullshit award goes to trump TV

  6. emilia lavinia says


  7. Don Castile says

    Trump and fox are an embarrassment to America. I can’t believe how stupid you people are. Wake the fuck up

  8. Umpqua-4 Freedom says

    Huckabee's right…nothing flacks Trump. that annoys his enemies to their core. Thats how we know who's who. 'If Trump riles you to a frenzy, you is the enemy!'

  9. C E W says

    So does Kim K. support our President Trump? I sure hope so. He's an awesome brave man.

  10. C E W says

    Releasing these inmates will leave more room for the swamp!!

  11. Winger says

    Fox news photo shopped the Eagles taking a knee. Not one Eagle took a knee all season. Yet to sell the narrative of Trump they friggin photo shopped a lie. This is who they are. Every bit as bad as liberal MSM.

  12. E B says

    Will Rodman wear his wedding dress to the Summit? Rodman & Kim have the same mental acuity of a two yr. old. Witnessed a two yr. old tantrum lately? Surprised that Kimmy has not fired an ICBM at LA? Did Rodman tell Kim where his USA real estate is located? Let the Chinese pay for Kim's hotel bill–Room service not included.

  13. Steve Schrock says

    How come know one post fox business live?

  14. Long Tall Texan says

    Trump the solicitor general of foreign bribes, president of lies and schemes, no longer worried by crimes he's committed or will commit soon, because he has the self-declared power to pardon himself of all his criminal acts. Trump the practicing criminal president of the United States of America. Either America is F–ked or Trump is completely !!!!

  15. Oscar Windham says

    How about addressing the "massive trade deficit" with China from the perspective of we the people of the United States simply having more disposable income due to higher wages and earnings (thank you unions) which allows us to import/buy the cheap goods and services from countries like China. In other words, have all our trading partners pay their workers an equivalent wage and earnings so they can afford our stuff. Read my book titled, (*revised 2nd edition*) "All About Equity Spending… With a Love Story". P.O.O.F.O.O.S.I.E.

  16. Bill Coffey says

    A new low for NBC, what a joke!

  17. X RAY says

    It's as if Green Acres is in charge of Fox News. How much nitrous oxide do they pump into the studio?

  18. logmat45 says

    Where is the live stream of Mercy Me performing! I couldn't find it on!

  19. Oldladyinabigtruck says

    That was totally uncalled for that they think using his phone is a resistive move caching for that guy I hope he wins big bucks

  20. Joshua Paul says

    The parameters of the deal are clear. We get our troops out of the region and stop wasting  trillions and growing mountain of debt, NK denuclearizes. Win-win deal. We will see if Trump is courageous enough to push it through despite opposition of both corrupt political parties in Washington.

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