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Free Things To Do In A Day In Rome


Europe is expensive so here are some of the free things to do in a day in Rome. We hopped on a ridiculously crowded bus and went into the touristy part of the city.

We visited the Colosseum, the pantheon and Piazza Navona for free (not because we’re special, but because they are free – except if you want to actually go inside the Colosseum)!

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  1. Kenaka Wig & Beauty shop says

    Aren't free things the best! what a beautiful place to vist, Did you make a wish when you tossed the coin? has it come true if you did? Safe travels! Thanks for uploading….I have already liked & Subscribed…I wonder if you could take a look (subscribe ;-)at my channel please? It is completely free to do lol, I also make video's here on YouTube. There is a good mixture of video's, there is beauty, health ,fashion, celebrities, etc, and a good place to network and make friends. if its possible, I would like us to support each others channel. Have good day, I look forward to your vist, Please Comment on a video so I know you came by x hugs x Thanks

  2. Trip Economy says

    The city looks so lively and great to just wander around, definitely a place you can explore on a low to no budget! I love how you just found things by accident, just proves that anyone can try this and have a great time! You two are really cute!

  3. Someday Maybe says

    I love free things… Especially when you look at all the entrance fees you have to pay sometimes… puh. I'm not sure about Rome, but in Paris they have that EU citizens under 25 I think are free for most of the museums, that was amazing during my studies in Paris. They should have that in every city 🙂 Also, really jealous about the pizza… 😀

  4. Curious Pavel says

    nice looking pizza:)))

  5. Always a Friday says

    The best thing about Rome (well one of the best things) is the amazing pizza you can get everywhere! There's nothing better than Pizza in Italy. I've been to Rome a couple of times and I love it, such a great city to just wander around.

  6. BangsBucketList says

    Was it a peak season when you were in Rome? seems like there are a lot of people everywhere. 🙂 NIce selfies you got there 🙂

  7. All About Family Travel says

    Nice clip about your adventures in Rome!!! I have been in Rome twice and explored centeral part of this amazing city pretty well and I am all for free things all the time especially when everything around is so expensive. I would love to go back to explore Rome again and try some local pizza.

  8. Gallivanting Bean says

    I haven't been to rome yet but definitely bookmarking this for when i go. Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

  9. Look Who's Blogging says

    cool choo choo train shirt! the pizza look good. I've been to the Pantheon once. need to go back. i got lost in rome once too from my tour group and missed out on the Vatican City.LOL at the I wanna hold your hand. 🙂 Trevi fountain, it's a must for all tourists, haha.

  10. Shorts Trip says

    Rome is a wonderful city, though it is crowded all year round. What was your favorite spot there?

  11. World On A Whim says

    The key to any Europe trip…that massive water bottle that Steve's got. Love that Rome is a walking city, even if you get lost you will find your way. Especially because there are so many incredible sights to see!

  12. The Path Less Traveled says

    Ah yes!!! This is perfect timing because I am planning my trip to Italy =D Damn the Coliseum is incredible!

  13. raphaelfyi says

    Good to know what we can do in Rome 😀 Hope to visit this summer!

  14. Maiku Wong says

    I would just be happy walking around! It's so different from the concrete jungles of NYC.. or Toronto.

  15. World Towning says

    Selfies are the best thing to do anywhere, besides making a travel video. Rome is such a great city to grab a bottle of wine and ramble around. Nice video.

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