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  1. Julio Crisosto says


  2. Daniel Chartrand says


  3. Sabrina Jacobo says


  4. Bryant's Playroom says

    beauty and the beast is now playing in 3D and Get your tickets now

  5. Timothy Daly says

    The beast is bragging when he says that he is the master of the castle

  6. Dragonrose1601 says

    I like the Beast's new look

  7. Kate Beaudreau says

    I saw that

  8. Kate Beaudreau says

    At Disney world

  9. Isaiah Mateo says

    love the show

  10. kim pang says

    i watched this when i was 7.Now i’m 12,and i am still watching this

  11. alyaa balushi says


  12. enric rodriguez says

    i went to see It

  13. Walaa Sarhan says


  14. David Summerville says


  15. Dan Warren says

    The u

  16. Serhiy Dumanskyy says


  17. Benny blanco says

    Gaston, is, my, Husband.

  18. Bradly105 YT says

    2:11 Gaston song, ur welcome!

  19. Lukas Brocca says

    Che bello……….😍😍😍😍😍

  20. Yerlian Charon says

    I saw this before…best thing ever

  21. Tomas Medina says


  22. dac glang says

    wow i love this

  23. Maryam-Noor Ahmed says

    You сan waaatch Bеeеeaааuty aaaand thе Beаst herеe

  24. RacrGD says

    Wаtch Bеееаutyуyу аnd thе Bеaаааst oооnlinее in hd qualitуууy hеrе =>

  25. Yasuo é Cancer says

    You caaaan't find this moooovie with betteer quaаlityyy than here =>

  26. Jia Hui Shi says

    the be our guest dance look silly kicking their leg out And the beast costume is awful.😒😒😠😠😠

  27. cavaleo says


  28. Jacob J Zakheim says


  29. Jade Ring says

    Not sure how I feel about Gaston just stabbing Beast and running away.

  30. Leanna Alvarez says

    I was there that day!! 😂😂

  31. sarah thomas says


  32. Vanessa Cortes Ramirez says


  33. Mark Terene says

    Do they have that big grey bat that attacks them in the show?

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