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Gay Pride Parade in London 2018 – LGBTTQQ+


I visit the annual pride parade in London today. The atmosphere is amazing, it is the best parade / protest each year here in town. The parade is cool, a mix of huge companies and small enterprises. But what makes pride is the crowd.

Yeah I’am going with gay in the title not LGBTTQQ+ sorry if that’s outrageously offensive to any one that does not identify as LGBTTQQ+

  1. Roberts London says

    The comments section of my previous pride videos are filled with hate .I'am British so despise unfairness and inequality so it made me realise that Pride is something I need to both understand and support . The hate comments will not be deleted by me as it proves the need for pride to both you and myself. And obviously as a straight British man I will continue to support not just Pride but everyone who is unfairly oppressed and share their challenges until the oppression stops .Haters are going to hate but Love will always win!

  2. Oliver says

  3. CharlesFiddler says

    WOOHOO Robert way to go. I found your videos in February 2017 when I was in hospital for two months because of a massive stroke that paralyzed my left side. I'm healed now with full abilities restored. Your videos kept me mobile in my head when I wasn't sure if I'd ever move again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.☺

  4. Zero Law says

    So celebrate everyone …..cept straight white males Noone gives a fuck about us…and in America it's considered OK and even kinda popular to hate on us…what's the world coming to that it's OK to hate anyone

  5. Andreea & Alina says

    Love is love 🌈

  6. Mike Knife says


    Until the nineteenth century, same-sex activity or “unnatural acts” were made crimes against nature called sodomy. Sodomy, derived from the biblical tale of Sodom (Genesis 19:1-8). In Europe and America Christians condemn homosexuals because of the Old Testament Bible law that assigned the death penalty for a man who lies with a male as with a woman..In 1857 Doctor Tardieu said that homosexuals or LGBTQ people have a form of insanity. German physician Karl Westphal in 1869 published an article saying homosexuals or LGBTQ people should come under psychiatric care rather than be arrested and locked up.

    Most people in America are Christians and many of them are anti-gay. A number of them are psychiatrist and psychotherapist and who still think LGBTQ people are mentally ill and they still treat LGBTQ people as if they are mentally ill. Psychotherapist use psychotropic drugs or psych meds on LGBTQ people to kill their sex urges. Don’t be fooled LGBTQ people, there are psychotherapist today who are trying to trick you by saying they will help you but they are really anti-gay and they will use psych meds to kill your sex urges. Gay cure therapy is a well known anti-gay “therapy” used by anti-gay Christian psychotherapist to treat LGBTQ people. Do not fall for their lies and tricks because, LOVE NEEDS NO CURE.

  7. Extrawagancja1 says

    Tzw.Sodomia…nie mój problem…;)

  8. Charles Roberts says

    I wonder why 'straight' people don't feel the need to have parades??

  9. Marius Ciobanu says

    Why are you encouraging this??

  10. Cabbage-Patch Cook says

    I hate all these hetrophobics out there.
    Shame on them for hating people who know what is right and wrong.
    Shame on them for ignoring the obvious way nature designed men and women for a purpose, that being to produce more humans!
    Quite simple, but we now have idiots claiming being gay or lesbian IS 'normal'.
    No it isn't, nor will it ever be.
    Feel free to sodomize each other or rug-munch, but keep that filth away from the kids, along with the gay promotion in the schools.
    While we are at it ; stop these gay parades, as you have got your gay marriage now, so WHAT exactly is the purpose of these things, other than to purposely stir trouble by taunting the decent straight people with your vile debauchery.
    Those 'straight' people who support them are just closet gays in denial – come out and join the rest of the human rejects.

  11. Living Walks says

    We enjoyed the festivities in Glasgow this year and filmed the parade, (so we can offer that in return).
    What a great thing to unite us across the miles, thank you for adding it.

  12. Dedas Almeida says

    This is SICK!!!!! Seek jesus

  13. Diva Queen says

    I think this is your best video x

  14. Nick Dawson says

    you forgot to add I = intersex !!!

  15. Deku says

    have sex

  16. Deku says

    this is gay nuke them

  17. Joycelin lgbtQ says

    I was there again this year. Here's an inside look of what it's like from my perspective in the march.

  18. rickky rock says

    Brilliant and informative video, best Pride video i have see in ages

  19. david jones says

    why do they have to parade it about you dont see straight parades but its not right in my eyes men on men woman on woman not natural and it should not be allowed to be forced upon our streets

  20. Mistermopar says

    Not anti LGBTTQQ+ but think I'll join the OMFGFFS+++ group….

  21. Axelz says

    Fuck off faggots

  22. crazychap says


  23. Mehmet Sins says

    Fuck Gay

  24. Mehmet Sins says

    Fuck 🏳️‍🌈

  25. Hitler Did Nothing Wrong says

    Only two things await faggots: HELL AND AIDS! LOL

  26. Here's Johnny says

    Muff divers and bum engineers 😂

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