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Goodbye Alfie


We met a woman recently who says that animals pick you, you don’t pick them… I’m not sure if she is right, but all I know is that our time spent on the top of the mountain in Casares building our van will always be defined by the companionship, love, and entertainment from our life with Alfie.

He was a wild spirit from the moment we met him, running free in the mountains, chasing donkeys, barking through the night, but as time progressed he became part of our little family. Waking up each morning he was right there waiting for the day’s adventure. The excitement he had when we walked back up to the cottage from the donkey pen, with the hopes that I would continue the walk and go for a big loop up in the hills was one of the cutest things in the world. He made us feel needed and the thing I’ve realized on the road is how much I needed him. He made tough times during the build a joy and as we’ve slowly become more adjusted to the road and seen so many other van dwellers with their beautiful pups in tow… well who knows how things will shake out in our future?

Thank you for being part of the journey with us. This was a bit of an emotional video and I hope you can understand why not taking Alfie with us right now (while painful) is the right choice for our lifestyle.

Love from Gibraltar,
Dana (& Lou)

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  1. Andrew Bradford says

    I remember commenting on one of your canon A-1 videos that old pictures of animals often made me sad because of what you have shown us here – that they have a major impact on our lives and emotional being. They are a lot like photographs, unchanging in the way they make you feel…People – change, and can make you angry, sad….Animals are – always the same…..I think that is what I miss the most about animals – how they never seem to change the way they love…..I hope this isnt goodbye forever between you two and Alfie. Don't let it be if you can help it <3

    With wet eyes in NC

  2. Michelle says

    Maybe you could just ask to take Alfie on a trip or two? (except that might also just keep the wound fresh all the time). Love your videos and miss Alfie too!

  3. holly exley says

    Alfie will for sure remember you two- how could he not! We’d love to travel in a van with our dogs in future but it is a lot more responsibility & I think our list of worries would be endless- are they too hot, too cold, how long can we leave them, will someone steal them, what if they get sick or injured, what if they don’t settle etc etc . Especially seeing as we have a tripod dog, it does seem daunting! Enjoy your care free days as much as you can, although I’m sure missing Alfie must be so hard 💙

  4. CallMeLexis says

    Such a cute video, I'll miss seeing Alfie! So crazy, that all the vids we watched were completed back in may!! It's amazing that you guys are finished with the renovations! So excited for the future videos!! Dogs are such sweet creatures, i have a cat & a dog (German Shepard) and it'd be so hard to leave them too!

  5. Mars The Creative says

    I'm emotional 😩

  6. Настя Романова says

    So much pain for me… but so emotional and honestly. Thank you…

  7. amenaaay says

    Ow my heart 😢

  8. Sad Panda says

    Whats this? my eyes have sweat glands?

  9. wulf says

    Adopt him 😭

  10. Allison Heckman says

    dogs are magic !!!

  11. Basil Lade says

    My condolences to Alfie🐕
    And indeed, German shepherds are a special kind of dog.

    In fact, My grandmother passed away this week with 90. The last time I saw her alive was back in March this year.

    Here's to Alfie and you. Even though it's super tough to chew through, you'll get over it after a while I promise🍀

  12. Dianne roy says

    Alfie certainly was a special dog. I can tell how much joy he brought you. People/animals come into our life for a reason. Some stay for a season, some stay for a life time. Without Alfie coming into your life you might have not started thinking of the things you are now thinking. Land/house/children/creating more space. Wishing you much joy in this journey. I have loved following your journey. Loved your videos. Your emails. Even though we don't know each other I feel such a connection. Safe and Happy journeys

  13. My Phone says

    Nope. Not watching. You took Alfie and Myrtle and all of the animals with you. You are all living happily ever after. If I ever don't see them it's because they are sleeping. NOTHING SAD HAPPENED. EVERYONE IS STILL A FAMILY! IM NOT LISTENING LA LA LA LA

  14. Victor Eli says

    Just got some Uncle Rico vibes from that shot lol

  15. Master Tenzin says

    Hope you guys find another special dog like Alfie in the future. Maybe even Alfie 🙂

  16. Fie Franciska says

    Awwww you guyyys !!

  17. J.R.TV says

    Don't worry Dana, you will see alfie soon 😢

  18. Jarod Coyer says

    Aww, I shed a tear! Alfie looked like such a good companion for your van build. He also added a special something to your videos (so did the donkeys). I hope one day you can bring him back into your lives if that is what you truly want. I know I wouldn’t mind having him back in the videos. 😉 I hope you’re enjoying van life so far! Wishing you all the best.

  19. Amber Fanton says

    I miss Alfie 😭 We have 2 dogs and we love them to pieces. My husband and I couldn’t imagine our lives without them. They bring us so much joy and entertainment. Yes, sometimes having a dog restricts your activity but you both have a great lifestyle for a dog. I can guarantee that you guys would figure it out and give Alfie an amazing life. He was such a great dog 💖🐶

  20. E Hill says

    ughhh you guys are making me cry. i love dogs so much and i love seeing you guys bond with alfie

  21. Jadyn Padilla says

    Don’t make me emotional guys/: seeing Dana cry made me tear up! Alfie will definitely remember both of you!

  22. blaxton2 says

    Po' little doggie. Po', po', po' little puppup. We can see that it was hard but you all thought it through. Alfie likely misses you as much as you do him. He (and the donkeys) probably have moved on, however. I look forward to where and how you move on. Thanks for your good work.

  23. Abigail says

    Awwwwwww boy… I'll admit I too fell in love with Alfie and I shed a tear watching this, but then I remembered that Alfie is fine and well and this isn't the end, it's the beginning.
    You were both so great with him, I can't believe he was your first dog Dana, you're a natural.
    Of course he won't forget you both, especially all of those noises he made greeting you Dana and how loyal he was during your build… I can tell he made a huge impact on your life plans and it's been beautiful to see.
    Lots of love and here's to the next chapter <3

  24. Petr Vágner says

    Wow, what a story!

  25. hot cheetos says


  26. N e p T u n i a says

    Oooh Alfie 🙁 I'll miss him too

  27. Edu M says

    I think in part that woman is right. My brothers dog picked him, he was with his brothers and sisters, he saw my brother and came to him… Then my brother adopted the dog…

  28. myitreya says

    This was a great video! I always think of my dog so much when I travel. I can't totally see you guys with a dog some day !!! I will miss seeing Alfie .

    Can * I can see you guys with a dog (oh jeez glad I saw that 😅😅)

  29. Chand Ferdinand says

    it was really rude of y'all to not put a warning before this video. My heart hurts so much right now. #AflieForever

  30. Michael Zieschang says

    Why not Van-Life with a dog ?
    Even a large breed doesn’t need much space when it got enough workout throughout the day. And being around his pack hiking and spending all day is just perfect. Look at all the buskers and punks out there. Mostly chilled well socialized dogs.

  31. Maike Geerts says

    I've waited one day… couldn't get myself to watch it yesterday.. No… Alfie.. :'( This is life and you are grown up about it, which I find really inspiring and refreshing. Yes, it still hurts but you need to make wise decisions and that's what you're both doing. I love the necklace Lou made for you, Dana. It's beautiful and it seems like a healthy way to process this grieving. For both of you. You are strong and courageous <3 and so is Alfie 🙂 He'll be ok! Love from the Netherlands.

  32. Francis Crisci says

    You should definitely go back for Alfie, he loves you guys so much! He probably misses you like crazy

  33. Emma Catlady says

    Go back for him! Animals bring so much joy and you will make it work!

  34. Fiona Moffat says

    I thought watching the video was tough but the description was just as hard! I hope the right time to go back and pick up Alphie comes quickly, he will be waiting and just as loving. It will work.

  35. Teng Vang says

    Go back and get Alfie!!!

  36. Mihai M says


  37. Brad Couturier says

    Rip my heart out… I have a German Shepherd and now I just can't wait to go home and hug him.

  38. MBI says

    Have a great life and takecare guys! Lots of love from me 💕💕💕☺️

  39. Riley Lawson says


  40. MU54BB says

    Brought tears to my eyes 😢😢

  41. Cristian says

    I moved from Buenos Aires 4 years ago, lived in 3 different countries around Europe, traveled to way many others, but it really didn't matter because I always knew that whenever I'd go back home I'd still have my dogs there, I'd enjoy the time with them and chill. All 3 of them died this year, in just a few months for different reasons. going back will suck ass this year but at least we'll have the memories…

  42. Kamil Jamiolkowski says

    The video reminds me a homeless cat that my girlfriend and I took from the streets. She was having 4 kittens, so in total 5 cats. We love cats, but we could't afford 5 of them, we are students. Also we didn't have a proper place for animals, the same as you guys. So we were forced to give them to the cat shelter. It turned out to be very good decision, but our hearts are still bleeding, even tho it was like 14 months ago..

  43. Jennifer Moore says

    Oh you two….I so feel your sadness. I miss Alfie too and I didn't even meet him. Animals have a way of getting deeply into your heart in a way most humans don't. Their love is pure and that is hard to leave behind. Even though part of me wants you to have Alfie I know you made the right decision at least for now. He was used to all the roaming and freedom he had on the mountain. It would be harder for him in a van…although he would adjust because he loves you both. Whatever you chose for the future, to try to adopt him or not…if you ever visit him again he will totally remember you. Animals never forget those they love. Never. Hugs to you both.

  44. Rikke Olesund says

    It's heart warming and inspiring to see, that you miss him so much. I'm not a Dog Person, but Alfie seemed so kind. And Lou, I really like the jewelery you're making! My father also made some jewelery for my mother,- I think this is such a kind way to show some love! I wish you both the best for what's next and for your relationship with each other. Greeting from Leipzig

  45. Tim Durachko says

    You should definitely go back for Alfie! You won't regret the things you do, but the things you don't. Just last week I lost my golden, and there are so many things I regret not getting to do with him. Give Alfie a great traveling life!

  46. Santos Alvarez León says

    I have been a while without watching your videos. And this is great. Very emotional. Love your style

  47. Dani Siem says

    Both of you are amazing

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