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Google News vs. Apple News on iOS


Google recently introduced a new Google News app with an entirely updated interface and a range of new features that put it on par with Apple’s own News app, including a “For You” recommendation section and “Full Coverage” headlines that present a story from multiple angles.

We went hands-on with Google News to check out the new features and to see how it compares to Apple News, the built-in news app that’s available on the iPhone and the iPad.

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  1. Drakek says

    Would never allow google to show me the news I see

  2. John Doe says

    Apple news blows…

  3. John Doe says

    Flipboard and news 360

  4. AbdelGhafour Mohie El-Deen says

    Apple news is only available in like 3 countries.

  5. KuKuJiao Boii says

    I really wanted to use Apple News but it isn’t available in my country 🤦🏻‍♂️ (Singapore)
    So I will use Google News.

  6. fightnight14 says

    Apple News because the videos play on the spot

  7. Elijah Obasanya says

    Prefer Google News. The For You articles are always spot on.

  8. Siberian Eagle says

    As much as I want to use Apple News in the Philippines, it's not yet available in the region. I don't want to change the phone's region since I'm after with the local currency price in the App Store. So, I have no choice but to use Google News.

  9. Tom Provido says

    I don't know why Apple News is not yet available in other regions/countries? It's an essential app.

  10. Michal Polak says

    The major difference between the two is that I can get the Google News in my country here in the middle of Europe, whereas the native iOS News app isn’t available here. On my iPhone 8. So there…

  11. pauselife says

    You can download the news sources you added to your favorites. And you can read offline news. I think this is important.
    You can also add non-existent news sources indirectly

  12. Patrick Woehrer says

    There is no apple news in austria… 🤦🏼‍♂️

  13. Redza Imran says

    Watching this video and reading the article from Google News

  14. Danyel Tinajero says

    Apple News is not available in my country.

  15. Michael Stanton says

    On Android, Google News is much smoother than it is on iPhone X for some reason. It's as if Google intentionally gimped the iPhone version! But I agree overall the UI is much more refined and fluid on Apple News! For me I think I'm gonna use Google News since it's available on my Pixel 2 XL and my iPhone X. Before Google News, Apple News all the way. People underestimate Apple News simply because "Sheep Hate" which is a form of Sheeping lol, but in this case Google has the better product and if they refined it it would be hands down the better news aggregator

  16. Issie wizzie says

    offline mode ?

  17. Hunter Holder says

    Digging the zoom effect at 0:22 and 0:26

  18. John Gooch says

    can you do a walk through of the features of Apple News? I’ve barely touched it but this article makes me want to learn more.

  19. Danijel Romanic says

    I swear I’d be willing to pay to have the ability to filter news based on keywords such as ‘royal wedding ‘. Matter of fact, have my phone filter and eliminate all content with ‘royal wedding’ in it. Just get it off my phone, for crying out loud.

  20. Gianluca Parodi says

    What about a comparison with Flipboard?

  21. Mohamed Amine BOUSSEBAINE says

    In France we don’t have Apple News !! So sad for us .. will use Google News until AN will be released maybe !!

  22. Arnaldo Capo says

    This made video made me sad.

  23. Jin Luncheonmeats says

    Who cares? It’s all fake news anyway. LOL!!

  24. Drache Mitch says

    You missed out on talking about Notifications. I have iOS, Android and Windows devices and Apple does the best job with notifying about news that would interest you, followed by Microsoft, and Google is on the bottom here.

  25. BBnose says

    Apple News only available for users in UK or America but Google News available for users in many different countries and languages. That’s the main difference

  26. boomish69 says

    Having just found out a google illegally raped all the data from my phone in 2010-2012 and sold it to advertisers without my knowledge or consent Im clearing Google from every bit of my tech as much as I can, worryingly it’s not that easy, Apple news will stay for me! Not as good as Zite used to be but least I can trust it ,

  27. webquake says

    The navigation bar at the bottom is a great example of upside-down design. More details about his concept can be found in this article:

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