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grocery shopping in nyc


Here is my normal Sunday morning grocery run.
Many people ask me about cost of food, grocery shopping, what I eat, etc., so I thought I’d make a video. Food is expensive here. It’s also difficult to buy a lot at a time because of transporting it home by hand. There is a grocery store near me called Agata & Valentina and while it isn’t the cheapest, it’s only about 5 minutes from my apartment.
In order to keep my food costs, sanity and weight in check, I have a pretty regimented diet. This is exactly what I eat during the week:

Tuna or salad sandwich
Potato chips
Afternoon snack (usually trail mix, but recently a cookie…)

Pita & hummus or cheese toast

That’s it! I do the brekky 5 days a week, and the lunch 4 days a week. I treat myself to lunch on Friday and then eat whatever I feel like on the weekends. It takes a lot of stress and mental energy out of my life to not have to think about what I’m going to eat.

My costs for food during the week usually ends up being about $70. Not bad for Manhattan.

Fun fact: I was having fun shooting this video and forgot to buy the tuna salad / chicken salad. I had to go back to the store later to pick it up. The cost ended up being about the same, though.

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