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  1. Aiden Baccarini says

    this is the lamest haunted house ever.

  2. Xoxo.Bianca says

    It really is scary some of yall saying its not scary because your watching it your not really there

  3. Sidney Metz says

    the ending part u could tell she was acting sorry but she kinda sucked

  4. gabester78 78 says

    1:58 is me when i see a camera

  5. keila nunez says

    it looks fun

  6. Karyn Harris says

    wack af

  7. Lauren L says

    Really great but that whole building is a fire hazard. If a fire were to happen everyone's fucked to say the least

  8. Vedant Sharma says

    very scary

  9. Kim Rodriguez says

    that's crazy

  10. Ryan Hilliard says

    I don't think it's scary

  11. Philip bjhfuhi says

    that is not scary

  12. Beast Man19 says

    she act
    like she is a actor I don't like vid

  13. Slender Tronic the two headed tyrant says

    This vid sucks that girl was screaming like a fucking bitch and crying like a fucking bitch

  14. Cliché Is cold says

    Ok, first of all, this annoying woman acts like this haunted house is like, actually scary! Second if all it's not, i'm sorry "Blood Manor" but, you're not ready for a money paying haunted attraction.

  15. Peaches and Dreams says

    She seems like a dumb bitch in a porno moaning

  16. Ella Sansolis says

    She is super annoyingggggg

  17. Jack's Asylum says

    I would love to do this as a job

  18. Hudson_Games says

    It would be so funny to converse with the actors 😂 they wouldn't know what to do

  19. Pumpkinhead 98 says

    8:17 XD

  20. Lavish says

    tbh I don't think she was annoying at all

  21. Lavish says

    fresh bloooddddd

  22. N I K X N U K X 2.0 says

    My childhood was based around this video

  23. Andrew Bueno says

    7:33 that man just slaughtered anyone who works at UPS. STRAIGHT SAVAGE

  24. HiddenPVP says

    I went there but the acters did not give a good gross they just did rawr then go over there like ????

  25. Adrian Silva says


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