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Hands-On With Apple’s New iOS 12 Update


Apple yesterday introduced the newest version of iOS, iOS 12, which is currently available to developers as part of a beta test.

We thought we’d take a closer look at iOS 12 to give MacRumors readers who aren’t yet able to download the beta an idea of what to expect from the new software.

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  1. QuadRiderHonda says

    How’s iOS 12?

  2. Johnathon O'quin says

    Siri need to get way better!

  3. Off Kilter Crafter Ian says

    I’m not sure I’m understanding the difference between the old do not disturb settings and the new do not disturb at bed time setting. Could someone explain the difference to me?

  4. SPUTNIKV says

    i want to know more about those semi-transparent purple switch joycons

  5. TouchArcade says

    What's with the weird stubby fingers? Only normal thumbs are at 3:10.

  6. - - says

    still no dark mode

  7. mrbyrd3000 says

    When is IOS 12 coming out? I just updated and got 11.4

  8. chemicalsam says

    Honestly this is just a .5 upgrade, really doesnt need a 4 month waiting period until september, they should have just released it as a normal update.

  9. Drache Mitch says

    The Workflow app is in the App Store now.

  10. Rolands Svētiņš says

    Come on Apple. Group FaceTime is 50 times less important for iOS users than a dark mode, which would improve battery life and overall experience.

  11. tm says

    'FaceTime, an open industry standard', Steve Jobs, 2010 😂😂

  12. TheSkepticInTech says

    SIRI workflows are genius, a great way for Apple to improve SIRI without harvesting personal data. I'm looking forward to using it. And hope to see it in macOS as well.

  13. Lance Michel says

    In other words; a bunch of additional crap that I won't use on my iPhone X

  14. Nicholas says

    You sound really bored.

  15. Robert Holmes says

    Meemogi???, Really??, wow what a waste of time!!!

  16. EdisEdward says

    this guy is a Trump supporter

  17. Attitude is everything says

    Loving the new update

  18. United_ Dr4gon says

    Have do you get iOS 12 without sim card

  19. Chris Darwiche says

    "This is very similar to Samsung's armoji but the true depth makes this one more fluid "

    The iPhone ten doesn't use true depth with animoji, only the camera

  20. Benjamaporn Sukwanichwichai says


  21. Benjamaporn Sukwanichwichai says

    moe kyaw

  22. Maddox herman says

    How do you upload to photos to YouTube
    You use to be able to do it it’s not letting me no more somebody plz help

  23. Gaming Postman says

    I love this video it's very similar to one of my own video's.

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