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Heavy Rain, Visiting Astoria Queens and more NYC


Random clips from the last couple of weeks in New York City.
I know that Astoria deserves its own video, but I was there for a baby shower and had only 30 minutes before sunset to film a little bit. I’ll be back again.

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  1. Foster Cat says

    Looks like when it rains, it comes down pretty hard. Wouldn't want to be caught in it.

  2. Extra Lite says

    Please don't ever stop filming. You're my window to my dream. Fantastic video as always.

  3. Thompson Ronald says

    I love that Channel!!!

  4. Her name was Lola says

    I love watching your videos when I miss New York. I hope to visit again soon.

  5. Island Girl says

    Glad I found you. I follow Iloveparis for the same footage! Grew up in Queens! Will visit in August. Thanks again!

  6. HOLLY O says

    Awesome as usual 👍

  7. Christopher A. says

    Believe me, there's a stigma against Queens. And even though Astoria is one of its cooler neighborhoods—it's got a good mix of younger and older people of different ethnicities—people still go, "Queens, really?".

    But I'd definitely consider moving there. It's especially good if you want a more chill neighborhood life than in most of Manhattan. And it's not a bad ride into Midtown, especially if you work on the east side.

  8. Terrance Purdy says

    Truly love your videos ! I'm moving to NYC in August, and every time I watch one of your videos it gets me that much more excited for the move.

  9. martin vegas says

    About time the weather changed, it's been hot as balls!

  10. martin vegas says

    Any chance of you doing a Marcy avenue in Williamsburg good and bad parts video?

  11. Lucero Idalid Cordoba says


  12. Richard Turner says

    I feel sorry for the women caught out in the rain. I swear New York City has some beautiful women!

  13. Carlos Nivicela says


  14. Daniel&Naz says

    Nice work.. Astoria is most definitely one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York.. we live here and LOVE IT.. fabulous bars, restaurants.. coffee shops.. we have Astoria park.. with a Massive and free swimming pool in the summer.. tennis courts.. running track.. and so much more.. we have a travel channel and when we are not travelling.. we try and make videos on just Hanging out in our fabulous city .. check us out when you get a chance to ^^

  15. RobertoLopezstudyis says

    Astoria is my old neighborhood that I lived as a child and I was born. Great video!

  16. Stcy Blueberry Stcy Strawberry Delicious says

    Sure Guys Come to Astoria! Where you get to pay Manhattan prices for Less than HALF the living space! What's WORSE is all of the Immigrant Sicilian Landlords who are always looking for an excuse to enter your apartment and pretend to be repairmen who destroy your piping . Throw Tantrums have their other Sicilian friends across the street or next door with their rich husbands wives and Children peek into your house/windows with binoculars to gossip about your furniture and whom you live with ….your boyfriend/girlfriend and they get stalker like they wait every morning at 6am in front of your door to ask a million questions EVERY DAY! it really becomes a drag ohh and they will give your roommates a hard time on purpose because once someone moves out even if it's a roommate ….your rent gets increased by 25% . And Parking well almost every house has a double garage in the front adding that the Sicilians don't like to park in their garages they take the street spot in front of their house so that "the house can look prettier with an empty double garage… in other words prettier than the other Italian across the street". Welcome to ingrate paradise guys.

  17. Eric Johnson says

    Hey my block ny can you do a video about gentrification in nyc

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