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How I Got A Job In New York City


hey bedheads! i’ve been getting so many questions about how i got a job when i moved to new york; here’s my answer!


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bethany easterling
bethany grace

bethany grace – @xoxbethanygrace


love ya lots, bedheads

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  1. claudia Easterling says

    Good good job! Great points & well executed! 👏🏻

  2. Cassie McClure says

    Great information!!!

  3. Chris Easterling says

    Well said! I hope people listen, they'll be better for it & wealthier!

  4. Anthony Singleton says


  5. Sydney Dunda says

    This video helps so much!! Can you explain more about how to sell yourself exactly. As well as what they look for 🙂

  6. Rebeca R says

    tries to be a sponge to absorb all your knowledge

  7. Swanand Dongare says

    there is a JOB for MCA(master in computer application)

  8. Poison Ivy says

    I go through your comments on the videos that I've watched and I seriously love your family. They're supper supportive, loving and amazing people. I wish I knew you all in person lol.

  9. Melanie Griesemer says

    Great advice! Transferring my job at Whole Foods from VA to NYC definitely made my transition so much easier and I'm so grateful I was able to do that!

  10. mery yem says

    please can you tell me the low salary in new york ?

  11. antea says

    Does anyone know if you can transfer jobs from Canada to The US? Or have any experience with moving to New York from canada?

  12. Saap Bro says

    I just loved your attitude and how real you are!!! 🙂 great advises!!

  13. ffs says

    ahhh you're so adorable 💞

  14. Vish vlogs says

    I am just finishing my graphic designing course in mumbai and can a get a job in nyc as a fresher and how much could be the salary?

  15. Sadamhushen Shamadar says

    Please help ma'm job for new yourk retail job

  16. tarun singh says

    I saw the video and it was awesome and so much informative…
    Also as seen the room u live live alone or with roommates.

  17. Marty Jewell says

    What'd ya do beth, become a mugger? Hey, don't knock it; good hours, good salary, fresh air, exercise and ya get ta meet people.

  18. branden ellison says

    Who you callin a butthead 😒

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