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  1. Terrion Jones says

    Sup man

  2. Daniel Scott says

    Second! Please pin this comment

  3. louis says

    put ads on your videos to earn money

  4. Invetorie / Solitarious says

    notification squad

  5. Marcus Evans says


  6. James Harden Got Robbed says

    Bro why are you driving in the right side if you live in USA?

  7. gang gang says

    is your last name music ?mine is

  8. Djibril Toure says

    where can you get a dashcam from

  9. neffzy says

    u are the GOAT

  10. Theo says

    how much do u make after tax and gas?

  11. Washington Redskins_Fan_For_Life says


  12. YourPeon YouNeon says

    Assalam O Alaikum , informative, Thx

  13. TekkengodJets says

    I'm a kinda new uber diver in Dallas,TX I like watching your uber vids bro!!

  14. Derrick Obodai says

    nice shirt where did u buy them from?

  15. Rali272 says

    I'm good in Jersey. NY State sucks people dry

  16. Rali272 says

    How is the CC for Uber. Good on gas? Ride well? Comfortable?

  17. LMNOWENSKY says

    Bro u Muslim Salam o allium

  18. LMNOWENSKY says

    Are u getting check from YouTube

  19. Eisenheim The magnificent says

    Mali music you should become a truck driver , then at least you wouldnt have to deal with horrible people like the girl in your previous video. Either way stay safe bro.

  20. tito rodriguez says

    i just got my tlc man. just want to say thanks and your videos really help. what kind of car do you drive? is it worth renting a car? i was planning on plating one of my cars

  21. Bob Cricket says

    Do I still have to go through this process, if I'm already an uber driver in Chicago, but relocating to NYC?

  22. Oshay Vlogcast Channel says

    hey bro. Would love to interview you on my channel!

  23. Lovely Poetry says

    this guy is awesome (:

  24. MrDGW1 says

    Is it just an optical illusion/something to do with the way the camera works, that it seems your driving wheel is on the opposite side?

  25. C Mack says

    What if you have a prior record from 14 years ago will they automatically deny you a TLC?

  26. holbrook 195209 says

    how much average will you make if you drive 60 hour a week in NYC after gas and taxes

  27. Christos Koulaklis says

    I have a 2005 honda accord 2 door but I need a 4 door for long island. How do I get a new vehicle to drive ? WHat options do I have ?

  28. Anthony Rang says

    I feel bad for your guy in New York in Philly we don't have to take all that all you need if your license and a car

  29. Salah Al-Amin says

    I thought you will say I need a bachelor degree to become a uber driver 😂

  30. Maria Andrey says

    Hey Mali. How much can you make weekly working 60 hrs in NYC? and if I live in NJ can I still work in NYC?

  31. Parasyte The MAXIM says

    You're interesting to listen to

  32. KaullyHD says

    You Should Put adds on your videos u deserve the money…

  33. jairosoloriob2 says

    Are you in NY? If you do do all cars in ny have the wheel on the left? I live in cali the wheel is on the right for us

  34. holbrook 195209 says

    Nice video by the way how much you make if you drive 60 hours in new york i really need info on that

  35. Rose Cherono says

    sames as in Europe ,driving school,medical certificate,and lol l fail twice3rd time l got my Dutch-drivingpapers,expensive and hard,as immigrate from africa ,wans't easy.

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