Find local, breaking news for the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan; plus, a New York events calendar and vintage NYC photos
  1. Chicagotransportation says

    Chicago l all day!!!

  2. Jeff S says

    I moved to NYC in 2004 and was scared sh*# of the subway. I got over myself and if I can become a subway expert, anyone can. Don't be afraid to ask a local for help – we love to prove how much we know!

  3. Weny KT says

    Very helpful. Which side of the door opens? Is there a rule or announcement?

  4. Ethano williamo says

    Im sure it must seem easier when your actually there. As a frequent user of the London underground, the signs look alot more cluttered and wordier in NY

  5. CleeGaming says

    I think I like the London Underground better

  6. psychic friend freadbear says

    this shit is for tourists. THIS IS MAH HOME!

  7. apple-sauce says

    Thank you!

  8. Sushi Everyday says

    Finally, someone made a video that make sense

  9. Tristan Anthony Ebora says

    Don't eat any food at the train

  10. Mathin3D says

    Nu Yoik is tha best!

  11. Chipper ChelseaKay says

    Moving to New York City the end of the month. So excited!

  12. Osnat bu ב says

    Excellent information and thank you very much

  13. Habiba Mohammed says

    thank you ☺

  14. trainspotterXL says

    It's easy to recognize an Express. It usually stops in the middle platforms + instead of a Local green ring around the line number, a red square will be shown. Good luck!

  15. Chris mckeithen says

    I was in NYC 2 weeks ago and track maintenance was going on and the "e" subway was moved to express track but with local stops. It's not as simple as you make it out to be. However, my frustration is the lack of consistency of sinage once on the train. You have some cars as you mention that have older maps and stop points, and then you have the newer subway trains that have the electronic maps. This is 2017, all subway trains should be upgraded especially how much they charge for weekly and monthly passes. Overall its not that intimidating of a system and makes sense if you just stop and read or if unsure, ask.

  16. Bobby R. Fite says

    Thanks! This was very helpful…

  17. Henry Black says

    Would have been nice to include some etiquette rules so you don't piss off locals.
    Don't lean on the grab bars.
    Don't put your bag next to you on the seats if it's crowded. Either on your lap or the floor.
    Don't bring any aromatic food on the train. What smells good to you may make 30 others want to throw up in your face.
    Don't stand by the door and block people from getting on and off. Someone will get pissed and push you off the train last second before the doors close so you miss the train. (Seriously: )
    No loud music. Don't even think about playing something without headphones on. And if you do have headphones on, keep it quiet so we don't hear it.
    Don't talk loud.
    Give up your seat to the elderly and disabled.

    Do this and we won't even know you're a tourist 🙂

  18. Niki025 says

    This is so weird to watch since I've been taking the subway for my whole life

  19. kathy alexander says

    Which is why riding the boston subway is so much easier..

  20. Antonius Raja says

    Wow a good looking subway station!

  21. roundingcorners says

    here's a related question, does the subway turnstalls have a timer function? Let's say I accidentally went through with my unlimited metro card, forgot I had to go get some water – exit, and then re-enter. Will it refuse me entry? In Tokyo this happened to me and after some broken english and 20 mins later, I was allowed back in. =D

  22. Frances Bedoya says

    Great video! I love the subway in NYC! I didn’t know that about stepping to the right on escalators to let others go by. Thank you. ❤️

  23. RH1 says

    I'm from London england,but I aspire to be a driver on the new York subway and this was very informative on learning more info about it

  24. nothing impossible285 says

    Downtown means south

  25. Cope Lele says

    OMG thank you for this. cured my impending Panic attack lol.

  26. HotLikeFire92 says

    at the 1:15 mark what is that exact subway station & it's location? It looks like the station where Aaliyah did the cover for One In A Million.

  27. Daniel Smith says

    0:33 that is where my dad works on the left

  28. Lulu Meng says

    The key is avoid it whenever possible. New York subway you are truly the worst in the world.

  29. Fjjdj Fnnf'd says

    The smell in NYC subway is good

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