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How to Use Public Transportation


Let us take you on a high-speed chase to demystify the use of public transportation.

Bus audio: Pedaling Prince
Tire screech 1 audio: audible-edge

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  1. Ie Dineen says

    WAIT UNTIL PASSENGERS EXIT BEFORE YOU ENTER THE TRAIN OR BUS. The driver or conductor is watching those of you waiting to board and if you shove your way onto a train and block passengers trying to get off, they may close the doors causing that person to miss their stop. Because of this, standing in the doorway of a train (rather than stepping aside to let passengers off) will get you shoved.

    OFFER YOUR SEAT TO THE ELDERLY AND DISABLED. If all the seats on your vehicle are taken and/or you are sitting near the door, keep an eye out for folks who may be in pain or at risk of falling. Stand up and say “here is a seat” rather than asking “do you want a seat?” From a seated position.

    Poles are an important tool for maintaining balance. Hold them with your hand. Don’t hug the pole or lean against it. Ideally one pole can help several passengers support themselves. When you use the whole pole and look at your phone with your headphones in someone may be struggling to find something to hold onto.


  2. Felixkeeg says

    When you get on the train, stand left and right next to the door, when it opens, so people getting off can leave quickly.
    Also, wait until everyone has gotten off the ride.
    If you want to get off, get within reasonable range of the door. If you're late, people wanting to get on the train will be annoyed.
    When you get on the train, move and don't stand in the door. If the ride is crowded, take of your bag and hold it in your hands, making more space.
    On the escalator, stand on the right side and walk on the left side.

  3. Doping1234 says

    Pro-tip for rome (probably more cities, but happened to me in rome): Look up news if there is a strike approaching. I stood in front of a closed metro station and there was no announcement there as to why or how long there will be no service.

  4. noi oz says

    been riding public transportation since middle school here
    when you do have time, try taking alternate routes to find which ones are actually faster or less fare. sometimes apps like google maps don't actually give you the best route. if the bus seems to be crowded, try not to stand on the front side of the bus and instead pack into the bag, as wheelchairs and other priority riders still need to use the front spaces for said wheelchairs and etc. If you do encounter a man spread, man spread towards the person too. usually that reminds them to stop being annoying, or if they keep at it quietly steal their soul for your collection and then sell it to the devil for twice the price.

  5. Óðinn says

    You guys could do a video on owning a firearm

  6. Kathryn Trojanowski says

    I like to track my bus ride on the GPS on Google maps if I'm going somewhere new to ensure I don't accidentally miss my stop

  7. aytas23 says

    This is all well and good for more developed countries…but what about smaller, less developed nations like those of us in the Caribbean…public transport is VERY different here…no bus system smartphone apps either…

  8. leafgreen92 says

    Yes, finally this video topic! I don’t use public transportation but have felt weary about it ever since I had to use it on a trip to New York and failed to navigate correctly even once. (Had to rely on my group)

  9. crowlovescore says

    street cares can also have a speaker system where you can inform the driver of an incident happening exspecailly if you are underground and have no service and someone is telling you they would like to eat you after they pinched you

  10. Riss Y says

    Be aware of elderly or disabled passengers! Usually transit systems have dedicated seats for them so don't sit in those, or if you are you should be ready to give up your seat if someone elderly or disabled comes by. Also if someone doesn't appear disabled and they are sitting in those seats, I would not hassle them about it as they could have a invisible disability.

  11. Joe Previdi says

    There's another great app called Transit which works in many major cities including NYC, Philly, and Chicago! It is easy to use and has good live updates

  12. Paulee Monx says

    In Akureyri, Iceland, the local bus system can be used free of charge by anyone 🎉

  13. Cap'nGamr says

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  14. Tal Sheynkman says

    Are there seriously people who have made it all the way to adulthood without using public transport at least a few hundred times? What kind of backwoods wasteland do you have to live in that buses don't even go there? I'm blown away.
    I mean, when you grow up and get your own car, then sure, but I'm sure most of us don't get driven around EVERYWHERE by our parents or whoever for like 20 years?

  15. Archangelcleo says

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  16. cadmium-ores says

    oh the CORD, jeez. I never knew about that when I first started public transiting and I saw it next to me and was internally panicking like DO I HAVE TO PULL THAT. DO I HAVE TO PULL THAT CORD. but then LUCKILY someone else was stopping at the same stop. xD

  17. Winterkind0105 says

    Not sure if a tip or just me ranting about pet peeves but
    If you get off the next stop or maybe within the next three stops, let other passengers board first when it's crowded so you don't have to fight your way back out right away…

  18. Friggé says

    fucking murica
    what is this bullshit, public transportation is something every retard should know

  19. awesomage1 says

    "Fast, reliable public transport" is something of an oxymoron where I live. One day Auckland Transport will become competent, but until then I guess I'll just stick with riding my bike :/

  20. Bruno de Mattos says

    How to open tuna cans next.

  21. timmy 900 says

    this is very helpful thank we

  22. timmy 900 says

    this is very helpful thanks

  23. milkerfish says

    CityMapper is also a gr8 app

  24. Racheli Levine says

    a great app for planning trips on public transportation: Moovit. works in MANY countries,. Also very user-friendly.

  25. Katrina Eames says

    Please let people get off of the bus/train/whatever before you get on

  26. stecky87 says

    HAHAHAHAHA I don't know where YOU live, but public transport where I live is neither fast nor reliable

  27. J - Hump says

    cool video.

  28. Kevin DeLuna says

    So yes you have to develop some skills here

  29. ordinary Oddball says

    "We're on fast, reliable, public transportation"
    I've never been on a slower or less reliable method of getting from point A to point B than the bus system in my city.

  30. OOM- 8018 says

    bleg, public transport.

  31. H B says

    Transit app ftw

  32. Andrew Poderis says

    Number 5 is hard for people in philly lol. Oh boy the septa stories I hear

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