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  1. Gluluman says

    I can never understand why would any city mayor, city council, county commission accept business like Uber, Airbnb, and many other entities like … these entities add zero value to a City coffers … worse yet they destroy middle class bleu color work… the drivers or bed renters make nothing and adds zero value to their respective communities – what these entities have done is funnel monies to Silicon Valley which is in its self another Detroit looking city with squalor, decaying infrastructure and booming homeless population coupled with human feces and the stench of urine. These entities added nothing of value to the human condition from face book, to twitter, integral aside from cultural idiocy and more poverty and slave wages.

  2. Joey Goll says

    ubers not under regulated u funking idiot

  3. Alimunati says

    It's funnier in Turkey. Taxi licence plates are approximately 1.000.000 Turkish Liras. ~210k US

  4. FreddyFish says

    You could say it destroyed the NYC market. You could also say it helped consumers with cheaper services.
    In big cities we things are regulated here but differently. The government only allows specific taxies to use special parking lots for waiting, still other taxies may pick up people.

  5. Daniel Calxeron says

    all cabs are owned by middle age men who are rude to you. as for uber ive meet some great people and once even had a car that would let me put my music on spotify and he had free waters because it was really hot down here in Cali. Cabs takes up to hours to show up as for uber they are here in 5 mins.

  6. JIM SNOW says


  7. Billy Bussey says

    Horseshit medallions. East coast thinking always includes these stupid ass old antiquated ideas. "A consistent reliable way to earn a living and an investment vehicle people would use for their retirement, much like a house."

    What does this have to do with people getting a cab? The medallion system is essentially a list. Just because it's old and NY guys made sure it was difficult to get on the list doesn't mean it has actual value like a house does. Of course it lost all it's value. Thank God for the Bay Area. America wouldn't invent shit if it wasn't for us. New York thinking is always backwards because it tries to include whatever 1800's system they wish was still valid.

  8. webchamp930 says

    Got to love how CNN managed to squeeze in Michael Cohen / Trump into a totally unrelated article about cabs… And they wonder why they are tabled as fake news…

  9. Jin Song says

    Taxis in the US were overpriced… Uber just filled in the need that was created by greedy Taxi drivers.

  10. Marcos Beni says

    A better and cheaper service came along and now your outdated business model is being replaced; that's what I call PROGRESS. You can shove your medallions up your…

  11. silkhead44 says

    like Netflix killed Jumbo Video video because Jumbo never innovated…the taxi industry never innovated as they were all charging the same fares wherever their license required them to…the taxi industry was ripe for destroying considering they had 1960's technology

  12. Duncan Backer says

    2:55 Saying that Uber is under-regulated because it clogs the streets of Manhattan requires a study on traffic congestion to support. Additionally, affirming that regulation causes wages to rise is also unsubstantiated. If both of those statements are true, you did not convince me of this in the video. Maybe technology is irreparably lowering the wages of this industry. That's what disruptive innovation does, it causes jobs to go away and new jobs to be created.

  13. Steppawolf says

    When it says the total ride-sharing vehicles on the road in NYC equal 80,000, is that at any one point in time or the cumulative number of all the drivers actively working for these ride-share companies?

  14. nikushim666 says

    Good riddance, the taxi medallion was a highly corrupt system.

  15. mamokilo says

    corruption at best. The politicians are as bad as the mafia, may be even worse. Some of them like Rahm Emanuel they are even have skin in the Uber business. I hate socialist fuckers and those who vote for these assholes .

  16. dark0ssx says

    "under-regulation" that's the normal good amount

  17. Will B says

    How is this a bad thing?

  18. Sugar Skull Gaming says

    Cabs killed themselves. in my town if you ordered a cab there wa not gurantee it wouild show up because the driver could cancel or take another call. so we could anywhere from 10mins for a cab to 1:30min for a cab… it was so dumb and unecessary. now i can order a uber and it show up when i need it

  19. Rafael Rocha says

    In this case there is no middle ground. Under regulation is the right answer.

  20. Kenneth Will Garrow says

    Of course Uber costs much less. But what sold me the first time I used it was I could see where my driver was on GPS and PRECISELY when he would arrive. No need to call a taxi cab and just stand there half an hour waiting for it(and sometimes it NEVER arrived). Even if it was the exact same price, Uber is far superior!

  21. Petar Miskovic says

    UBER has made driving in New York somehow way more nightmarish than it used to be…look around you at any given time of day and the majority of license plates around you will start with a "T"….it's abysmal

  22. Alexander Zamani says

    They overcharge and have shit service, good riddance

  23. 2000Betelgeuse says

    And? fuck the yellow cabs, they are dinosaurs, I certainly wont miss them

  24. Kenneth B Trevias says

    Who freaking cares of the medallions… is business

  25. ordinarylover says

    Those licences are ridiculously expensive…that is completely wrong…can you imagine if you had to pay, say, 10k to start to work in a McDonald´s or in construction ? That is crazy…These licences are more expensive than getting a college degree…

  26. Palwinder Singh says

    As a nyc taxi driver I request to take actions against Uber. Its killing us if it continues like there will be no yellow in future.

  27. Palwinder Singh says

    Cheap people take Uber.

  28. vara fouroneone says

    The cab market did not evolve. It did not adapt. Plain as that.

  29. lynda y says

    the first time i went to NYC i was charged $200+ for a cab ride from NJ into Manhattan. $144 of that was only suppose to be charged if there are damages. There were none, and after calling dozens of times they still didn't give us back our money and we just gave up.

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