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“I Am Raising My Voice”: Guatemalan Mother in Sanctuary in NYC Accuses Border Patrol of Sexual Abuse


– We turn now to a Democracy Now! broadcast exclusive interview with a Guatemalan woman named Aura Hernández, who has taken sanctuary in the Fourth Universalist Society of New York, the Unitarian church on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, to avoid her deportation to Guatemala. She has been living in the United States for 13 years. She’s the mother of two U.S.-born children: 10-year-old Victor Daniel and 14-month-old Camila Guadalupe. She entered sanctuary a few weeks ago to keep her family united as she continues to fight her immigration case. She says that in 2005, when she first entered the United States, she was sexually abused while detained by the Border Patrol in Texas. She says the officer who abused her then threatened to come find her if she ever went public about the abuse. She has fought for years, quietly, to obtain a U visa as a result of the alleged sexual abuse. U visas are for the victims of certain crimes who cooperate with law enforcement. She says that despite her cooperation with authorities, the Department of Homeland Security has refused to certify her U visa, meaning she has not yet been able to obtain protections to stay in the country. The Customs and Border Protection agency declined to comment. After being forced to take sanctuary to avoid her deportation, she is now breaking her silence. On Tuesday night, Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman and Laura Gottesdiener sat down with Aura Hernández for her first-ever television interview.

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  1. Solomon Kane says

    Deport them all. Jobs for Americans first.

  2. It's O.K to be a straight white alpha male! says

    Oh my God, she doesn't even speak English!
    Deport Them All & Build The Wall
    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  3. jonez2020 says

    No one cares! Fucking Liberals!!

  4. Bryna L. says

    Not one bit surprising, unfortunately.

  5. Nobby clark says

    So now you're both criminals

  6. tony fat says

    Time to say bye-bye if you can't do the time don't do the crime

  7. Samuel Hornet Wolf says

    *Oh hell no, not in these United States Of America, we have real Gentlemen, and they wouldn't do that to any lady, just ask Trump !

  8. Brandon Smith says

    100 Billion dollar class action lawsuit against the USA for false advertising and removal of the statute of liberty OR let them stay like the rest through American history.

  9. Colonel Angus says

    "When I take them back to my country" she doesn't even identity as a American, she needs to go.

  10. Happy Gilmore says

    Fuck this bullshit Propaganda agency.

  11. Brandon Maciel says

    In the context of her saying luchando
    She means to fight, not to struggle
    She wants to continue fighting

  12. Selena Baker says

    Thank you thank you thank you for your strength to come out and speak up about your abuse, Aura. I'm sorry you've had to endure, but damn you do it with grace.

  13. Twisted Titan says

    3 questions for the young lady:

    Why don't you raise your voice in your shithole country?

    Why haven't you learned English since you insist on being here?

    Where is the father of your child and why is he not supporting you?

  14. 'Don Secor says

    Guatemala is a 3'rd world shithole now she's been here 13 years and doesn't speak english . I'm suposed to learn 20 different laungages so these lazy fucks can turn this country into a shithole . Go back to your culture and stop infecting this country

  15. Josiah Suarez says


  16. tubester4567 says

    Should have raised your pen and applied for legal immigration status. Liberal media says we are racist, but millions of "minorities" are so desperate to come to the US, they are willing to break the law.

  17. Baby Pudge says

    Haha, very last blip from mom sounds like she says, and he can also be a cunt 🤪 which I ❤️ n IS WAY EFFING TRUE

  18. Jonathan Hodges says

    Same story all the time. There's a dozen other countries nearby, yet America is the only one in the Western Hemisphere that provides safety?

  19. maddgun says

    Why should the US taxpayers support the leech and her kids. She doesn't work…I bet she gets food stamps, Medicaid, welfare and other goodies

  20. ivo mijnnaam says

    yanks let me educate you on your own founding fathers you ever heard of them no ? doesn't surprise me !!!!!!!! GET YORU FUCKING GUNS AND SHOOT EVERYTHING THAT MOVES AND THAT SAYS I AM GOVERNMENT ??????????? yanks you are SO FUCKING STUPID !!!! I Cannot believe I have to see whining people EVERY DAY ……. whining and nagging and bitching……….. look across the street yeah billy bob and hus gun shop …… and what does he sellll ??????? cookies ???????????????????????? or does he sell the shit you need to SHOOT SOME UP ?????????? DO IT !!!!!!!!! You are on the clock yanks you have got less then 5 years left … IF YOU ARE LUCKY !!!!! And if you yanks as the peoiple did NOT solve this issue ….. we are going to level the place so you are ALLL ON THE CLOCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tik….. tak……. tik……. tak……. tik…… tak……. if I were you I start working on the issue now !!!!!!!!!!

  21. W Sehn says

    These are economic migrants. They have a cover story ready, but the problem is these aren't actual refugees as in the case of Syria or Lybia (recently returned to the stone age, thanks to US interventions).

  22. SamIAm says

    Back to where you came from. Problem solved.

  23. SamIAm says

    Who flees an entire country because of domestic violence. We DONT take care of our own citizens. That’s Guatemala’s problem. Not America’s.

  24. Baltimore TURK says

    When is enough, enough?? We have law's!!! If we just allow anybody in that can't deal with their home country we will soon become just as bad as that said country.

  25. Ember Betz says

    Lady you broke the law you came here with no visa, if you came here with a visa and it ran out I would have had some sympathy, the fact that you have broken multiple laws and said that you refuse to leave is mind blowing that shit wouldn't fly in any other countries at the very least you could at least try to learn some English but thanks to the libtards by 2050 we'll all be speaking Spanish. By the way do people not realize that Obama deported many, many more immigrants than Trump. I'm not bringing this up because I support Trump, because I don't, but seriously this bullshit of acting like all these people are getting deported by Trump personally coming kicking down their doors is fucking absurd.

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