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Ice & Snow & Rain for East Coast & a MAJOR STORM on the 13th


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We’ve got mixed precipitation up and down the East Coast today that extends pretty far south. And then we’ve got a mammoth storm coming starting on the 11th and moving East. And then, more storms.

Be prepared.

God bless everyone,


article on storm

Ice, snow may turn roads into ‘skating rink’ in eastern US on Monday

Ice and some snow will accompany a weak storm and a surge of milder air into the eastern United States by early this week.

“While heavy precipitation is not anticipated by the storm at this time, it just takes a small amount of ice to make roads and sidewalks a skating rink,” according to AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams.

The extent and severity of frigid air in recent days have made the ground quite cold. Temperatures in many locations have dipped as low as the single digits and below zero at night this past weekend. It will take some time for the ground to thaw.

Even though air temperatures are forecast to approach and surpass the freezing mark in many locations early this week, moisture falling from the sky or forming on these surfaces due to condensation may freeze for a time.

The greatest risk for a period of freezing rain or drizzle in the Eastern states will extend from the southern Appalachians and Piedmont areas to the Ohio Valley, central Appalachians and the mid-Atlantic.

This includes the cities of Pittsburgh; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Roanoke, Virginia; Charleston, West Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Philadelphia; Dover, Delaware; Trenton, New Jersey; and New York City.

Icy conditions are possible for a time along a vast stretch of Interstates 64, 70, 76, 77, 81 and 83, as well as a portion of I-95.

“We expect a 4- to 8-hour period of freezing or frozen precipitation,” according to AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Dave Dombek.

The icy conditions may develop as kids are getting out of school and/or when people area heading home from work.

“The timing for the potential for slippery roads and sidewalks in the swath from Washington, D.C., to Philadelphia and Allentown, Pennsylvania, is 2-8 p.m., while around New York City, Long Island, New York, and the New Jersey coast is 4-10 p.m,” Dombek said.

A mix of snow and sleet may accompany the freezing rain and drizzle for a time in part of this zone.

Plain rain is forecast for much of the South and the lower mid-Atlantic coast.

Farther north, all or mostly snow is forecast. While snowfall near and north of I-80 will generally be light and is likely to range from a coating to a couple of inches, enough snow may fall to make roads slippery.

After glazing the central U.S. to end the weekend, wintry precipitation is likely to begin along the western slopes of the Appalachians on Sunday night and will reach part of the Atlantic Seaboard as Monday progresses.

Roads and sidewalks that have been treated with ice-melting compounds will fare much better than those that have not been treated in this situation.

Residents from Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and points southward may not have to worry about any icing if the wintry precipitation fizzles east of the Appalachians–a scenario that cannot be ruled out. However, even a brief rain shower or couple of hours of drizzle may be enough to create a thin glaze of ice on some surfaces.

For people who have grown tired of the cold weather or are hoping to catch a break with their heating bills, temperatures more typical of January are forecast for much of the next week. Temperatures should even rise above normal on one or two days.

A second surge of mile air may be preceded by a period of freezing rain, drizzle or sleet at midweek in parts of the central Appalachians.

  1. Mark Scheinfeld says

    Wheeeew…wheeew….wind ….whew…

  2. sideshow704 says

    Its clear skys here in gwynedd bright half moon with a big star nearby with quite likely a secret asteroid near it

  3. Claudia Hernandez says

    Thank u. much love πŸ’•

  4. Sarah Snyder says

    I'm so sad. I'm under HUGE attack over truth. Idk how to deal. Please get a hold of me Thor. You subbed to me ffs. Then Talk to me please. πŸ™

  5. NikDeico says

    Hardship. Storms like this were why we used to light Yule Logs.

  6. Sarah Snyder says

    I'd donate more but I only get $130 a week. I'll give you some though on Wednesday. Love ya brother.

  7. 12B Engineer says

    Noooooooooo !

  8. Kate Krall says

    some models are indicating a flip from east to west in the next couple of weeks. it might flip to colder on the west & warmer on the east coast. hope it's true! we could sure use the snow in our mountains here out west.

  9. satanmakesthree says

    Hey man. It is weird. Where I'm at in the Midwest, we have been at sub zero temps for a couple weeks, and today it shot up into the 30's. Nice change, but a major shift. Thanks for the footage from the coast. I've been working 3rd shift since thanksgiving, so I am a little out of touch with going ons. Take care of yourself.

  10. ksbrugh brugh says

    Hit the button baby!!!!!!!

  11. WIL Twentyfourhours says


  12. Micah Trantham says

    Storms like this are nothing unusual they are called noreasters and have occurred every year since man has been in the Americas

  13. merlynwylld says

    Thor, look at IceAgeFarmer & Adapt 2030 channels

  14. Robert Landa says

    Day after tomorrow

  15. Terri Petty says

    All schools cancelled in central Ohio. Sheet of ice covered now with snow.

  16. Donna Lady says

    😚.. great video…..have an ABSOLUTELY amazing day….love from Canada

  17. Drum3a says

    Wow, almost as much flooding as 30 years ago and 200 years ago….

  18. Atypical Lavender says

    If it's this cold now, i can only imagine how hot it will be this summer. πŸ™

  19. IronMan 10 says

    It’s like that movie Day After Tomorrow

  20. Ordinary Man says

    so we are all going to die because of global freezing rather than running out of water with global warming?

  21. Liz P. says

    Its been cold here in Wisconsin, not much snow at all, couple inches here and there, just cold & Very Cold… 31 degrees right now… The wild turkeys and birds are on the move… eating all the birdseed & suet.

  22. ART DRISCOLL says

    this is winter. nothing new

  23. Warren Wantoobe says

    Do what you do best for and make more money

  24. angela waltmann says

    πŸŒβ„πŸŒ πŸŒŠπŸŒ€πŸŒŠβ„πŸŒ πŸŒ

  25. UNIDEN2211 says

    Ice balls product of chemical ice crystal nucleation.
    Happens all the time now. Weather mods, cloud seeding……poison bombs for the sheep.

  26. Lil' Brown Trump says

    5:29 πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

  27. Virginia Shaubel says

    Thank you Thor.


    what is in lysol that makes it kill over 100 of all sorts of crap??? the commercial says it is what you need


    you know all that natural gas under texas up to wyoming? what is it going to do?


    Do you take ripple or hempcoin?

  31. Melinda Weaver says

    Sarah it will be all right we will all go through this together… We are here for you. Just type and we will listen .It's all truth and unbelievable at times and over powering . .We are glad you are waking up.

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