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Iceland Road Trip Guide (Ep. 1) – Reykjavik to Ring Road


Things to do in Iceland will most definitely include an Iceland Road Trip around the Ring Road and/or Golden Circle.
I teamed up with friend and fellow travel YouTuber, Steve Hänisch, of, to set out on a 12-day Iceland vacation adventure around the ring road!
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THINGS TO DO in Iceland (beginning of the Ring Road):

Hraunfossar Waterfall – A 900-meter wide waterfall that flows down into a gatorade blue river from the glacier above.

Arnarstapi Cliffs – A beautiful stretch of coastline on the south side of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. The most famous of the lava-formed coastline is an amazing arch rock formation known as Gatklettur.

Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall – Stunning waterfall on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula that is one of the most popular Iceland road trip destinations because of the iconic mountain behind the waterfall.

Akureyri – Iceland’s second largest city, and a good base for exploring Northern Iceland.

Eyjafjörður Fjord – Eyjafjörður is the longest fjord in Iceland, and where we based ourselves to see the Northern Lights because of the dark night sky.

WHERE WE STAYED in Iceland (with HomeAway):

1. Arnarstapi Cottages –
2. Akureyi Nollur Farm –
3. East Iceland Cottage –
4. Southern Iceland Cottage –
5. Reykjavik Bachelor Pad –

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  1. Adrian Seth says

    Dear gareth your ears are so cute!😍

  2. SoulVoice says

    FinnSnow 🙂

  3. rockthemacarena says

    this deserves way more views!! amazing!

  4. Dharsh G says

    Great vid. Taking notes for a similar trip!

  5. Jeff Yu says

    Good Morning Handsome Gareth

    I love this Video, one of my dream Country to visit

    I am so excited to meet you soon

  6. Bowski Calhoun says

    What time of year were you guys there?

  7. Catalina Kruguer says

    You travel everywhere I want to go! I envy youuu hahahaha. I'm guessing you saw the northern lights? Now THAT is my second dream place I want to be (Japan 1st) Very nice shots!! best I've seen of your videos so far 👏.

  8. Shuhufan Shukardi says

    "toneyourbuns" 😂😂😂

  9. BW Production says

    When is this? March of April?

  10. BackPacker Steve says

    What a great trip, man!

  11. Kelly Morgan says

    wow, you got such incredible footage!😄

  12. greenumbrella1 says

    Oh what I give to be Steve… a buttons and some m&ms that's all I would give

  13. Mikeztarp says

    I'm pretty sure "foss" means "waterfall" in Icelandic. So you're going to get a lot of names that end in that. ^^
    (my guess is "fossar" is the plural)

  14. kelsey tuanggang says

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  15. Will Morin says

    awesome stuff, what time of year did you go?

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  17. nicholas gidcumb says

    As always, another great episode to your travel series. I can't wait to take my trip to Iceland now.

  18. Daniel Clooney says

    Was in Iceland in April. Loved it. Anxious to see it from your POV. You all make a good travelling team.

  19. David Mar says

    What an amazing adventure … Talk about living your best life ! 😃😃

  20. Lily Lee says


  21. 1bush053 says

    how fun

  22. Amber S says

    You’re awesome! Being following you for awhile-great work!!

  23. Axel Gunnarsson says

    djöfull öfunda ég ykkur skemmtið ykkur! 😀

  24. Michael Bassani says

    Wow such amazing footage! Makes me jealous 😂

  25. Josh Edwards says

    Loved this travel video Gareth! The platform has become somewhat over-saturated with videos of Iceland that are nothing but pretty visuals over the past year or two…I'm not complaining because a lot of them are STUNNING…but it's really nice to see a travel film with a bit more substance and an actual story being told. Having said that, your drone shots were insane haha! So good man. This is the first video I've watched on your channel and I'm definitely sticking around 🙂 brings back fond memories of my own trip to Iceland last year haha…I remember those Bonus supermarkets well, looking at the prices and thinking 'ohhh…'

  26. doctorakzel says

    “Two bros, sitting at the hot tub, 5 feet apart because they’re not gay”

  27. Hamilcar Racho says

    hurry up with episode 2 please

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