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ATTRIBUTION [FAIR USE] ▼ — A big man who seems to resemble Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks was video recorded viciously beating a 22-year-old man in the NYC subway.

Reports say the victim may have been attacked as punishment for looking at the attacker.

The New York Daily News described the attacker as in his 30s and Hispanic. The victim appears to be white.

You can dress a beast in a suit and tie, but it will remain a beast.

A dapper straphanger was caught on video clobbering a 22-year-old man at a Midtown subway stop, all because he gave him a funny look, a police source said Monday night.

The suit-and-tie clad attacker followed his victim off the train at the 42nd St./Times Square station and delivered a flurry of punches, eventually knocking him to the ground during the busy evening commute, according to footage of the Feb. 27 attack.

The suspect took offense to the young man and confronted him, the source said, apparently because the victim was staring.

The assailant swung at the victim from behind as other passengers gawked and quickly stepped away. He capped the savage beatdown with a kick. Then, he bolted.

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  1. Elise Kuby says

    In the frontal lobe? Something going on? You are joking, right? The only portion of the brain that feral savages employ is the reptilian part. Fight, bite, flight! Drag them under the water and drown them; when they have reached the correct stage of putrefaction, eat them!!! They know little else, and when they do, they are most likely mixed and have lost some of the savage DNA!

  2. Loki Ilkivalta says

    I read in the Yahoo comment section that the man beaten was a pick pocket (for whatever that's worth)

  3. CplHicksjr says

    Kenn, it took like 5 seconds for the guy to go down. What did you want people to do? You dont live in NYC. He would have grabbed you, and thrown you into the tracks. And the guy looks Asian to me, not white.

  4. Tony truth says

    they are trying to start a war with Russia so we have now got the propaganda machine is in action. don't get fooled again The Who playing with our primitive Minds.I do have faith in you Germany and France in bed with one another this is history repeating itself just look back in 1942 Italy decides to f*** off the Nazis French and known to be cowards Germans wheel shaft them once again and where would they come running to the UK

  5. Joe Sovereign says

    The good people just sit and "pray" instead of organizing and trying to bring this to people's attention and do something about it. To be honest, most of these people that claim they are Christians yet say "the most I can do is pray and forgive" are not Christians, they are misguided people who are part of the problem.

  6. karr wash says

    I had people people look at me Daggers in there eyes.I got over it.

  7. the springthunderboxer says

    people see cops do this all the time and get away with it. so he thought it was ok. probably was on his way to a job interview with the police department…went cops do this people claim the video doesn't tell the whole story. im just waiting to see if this guy gets paid leave from his job while he investigates himself.

  8. whiteoake says

    Why is the video messed up?

  9. 8070jack says

    The description has it wrong. The "strap hanger" was the guy who got beat up.

    To those who don't know what a "strap hanger" is – it is a person on a subway (or bus) that rubs his body on a person sitting or standing next to him.

    Before you jump on the guy who beat the chit out of the strap hanger, you need to know your facts. Quite frankly, I'd do the same thing if it happened to me. Those perverts will ride a bus or train all day until they get off.
    There is an etiquette to riding a subway. Follow it or get the chit knocked out of you.

    The guy who beat the chit out of the strap hanger might have experienced more than a funny look.

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