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Finally….a sneak peak at what our new house is looking like. It still has a ways to go but should be completed in August and we will definitely do a follow up video.

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  1. Lance Kirkman says

    Thanks for the tour, that's wicked cool man.

  2. Mike Tytula says

    This looks gorgeous Dan! Congrats, can't wait for the herping and exploration videos after the expo season 🙂

  3. ryan moeller says

    Great video!! You deserve a nice place after all the year's of hard work!! How much would I have to pay for a monthly membership to your gym?? Haha.. Keep up the great work.

  4. Adrian Lujan says

    Happy for my light skinned brother 🙏🏽

  5. Southern Arboreals Production says

    Very nice congrats on your new home!

  6. Lou V44 says

    Awesome house congrats and good luck!

  7. David Reptiles says

    Super big house it’s going to be super beautiful 🙂

  8. Uncle Slime says

    I haven’t seen the house yet , what an intro 😂 much love man

  9. Uncle Slime says

    Your house is going to look immense man love it

  10. Bobby M75 says

    Congrats, the house looks like it will be totally amazing by the way its starting off. Did I miss the huge reptile room somewhere? From the drone shots that place next door with dark red roof looks close, is that part of your property also? Wishing you and the wife all the best and can't wait to see finished project.

  11. ChroniclesofAB says

    wow, i heard you talking about this project a few years ago and i was thinking it would be a regula sized ordinary house. Didn't think you were building a freakin mansion! good stuff dude, i love thailand and this is definitely one of my dreams. If you don't mind me asking what part of thailand are you in? what type of security measures are you going to put in your home?

  12. jim campbell says

    😦 congrats Dan. That’s just amazing. Do you care to put a rough estimate on what a house like that costs? Lol. Defiantly wondering. I feel like that would be 3 million where I live lol

  13. Shannon Phillips says

    Good luck with the build

  14. IAMGiftbearer says

    Wow! That is going to be gorgeous! I love the idea of the pond where you can sit out there and feed the fish! And yup, you have plenty of space for reptiles too! That big room you showed at the beginning you weren't sure what to do with would be a great reptile room.

  15. Patrick Vincent says

    lucky man…

  16. Erick Hernandez says

    Amazing house, congrats! I am excited for your new venture and would love to travel with you some day.

  17. Reptile Wiggins says

    Wow that's super cool Ausome pad bro and with beautiful views all around congratulations 🎉

  18. Nicolai Gronborg says

    Are you going to breed at the house? Or have a “farm” at the house? 🙂

  19. Tim Donovan says

    Tried to Google it. Looked through the comments and can't find my answer. What is you day job of 29 years, and congrats the place is beautiful.

  20. Roadhouse Reptiles says

    The house is going to be AMAZING! Wow! I bet it was pretty affordable to do! To meet someone like your wife and to get to retire and build a house abroad and do tourism. That is amazing! You’ve earned it man! Cannot wait to see the final tour when it’s done!!!!!

    Are you going to bring your collection there with you? Or keeping a place In the US and going to still run a full USA DM Exotics?

  21. Creeping It Real With Rob says

    That is so amazing man! Congratulations! Beautiful place!

  22. Moritz Laszlo says

    I am really happy for Apple and for you! It looks great!

  23. Tim Smith says

    Great place! But it's waaayyyy too much overkill in Issan. How far out in the sticks are you, as far as nearest metro area?

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