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Indonesian Street Food at Gianyar Night Market in Bali – ALL FOOD FOR ONLY $5.07!


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Pasar Senggol, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

The night market in Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia, known as Pasar Senggol is an amazing place to eat a range of different Indonesian Balinese street food!

One evening, we headed over to the market at about 5 pm to start eating, and in this video I’ll show you everything I ate on this Balinese street food tour.

Babi guling – Babi guling, or Balinese style roast pig, is one of the ultimate things you have to eat, especially if you enjoy pork, when you’re in Bali. I started the street food tour off with a plate of babi guling. I was alright, but could have been better had it been hot and fresher.
30,000 IDR ($2.20) per plate

Sweets – Along with full meals, you’ll find an abundance of Indonesian street food snacks and desserts. Klepon was my favorite.
1,000 IDR ($0.7) per box

Nasi ayam campur – This stall served one of the best single plates of food I had in Bali, ayam betutu and some mixed chicken all over a plate of rice with all the toppings and mixes. The food was sensational, packed with flavor.
25,000 IDR ($1.84)

Tipat cantok – Similar to another common Indonesian street food called gado gado, tipat cantok includes rice cakes and bean sprouts in a peanut sauce. It was pretty good, and I enjoyed how you could watch her making it in front of you.
7,000 IDR ($0.51)

Serombotan – Finally, to end this Indonesian street food tour in Bali, I had a serving of something called serombotan, a delicious mixture of vegetables and coconut and shrimp paste. It was surprisingly very good and flavorful.
5,000 IDR ($0.37)

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  1. Christopher Fujiki says

    14:00 The Micah Glomp! <3

  2. CamboCommando says

    Awesome video. I can't wait for more from Bali!!

  3. aj qd says

    I continue to be blown away at the low prices for fantastic looking food. I know it's relative to the GDP of this place but from a North American stance, wow one could eat like a king on cheap. Mark I will take your word that the taste is fantastic. Hmm I'm hungry now.

  4. Jeff Vader says

    That place looks awesome Mark, I didn't see one drunk Australian which makes that a go to place for me, and I'm Australian…l

  5. ipin upin5212 says

    The clasicc "AJINOMOTO PLATE" lol

  6. Ayu Kharisma13 says

    Why you always call your wife "ying" ? Why not call "my honey" or "my sweety" etc like that..

  7. Gadih Pertiwi says

    this is makes you frustrating when you're indonesian but live so far away from bali. now i'm cravings with real authentic nasi campur, the real stuffs from right place. 😂

    nice video with drooling review, mark. now i have an urge to arrange my vacation to bali! 😭

  8. imad El says

    Hey mark i send you one message about Morocco in box in your Facebook

  9. Oralia Aldaba T. says

    great video !!

  10. Abudzar Alghifary022 says

    That cooked pig just like chilling and say "hey mark wassup"

  11. Rei says

    When micah started eating you XD

  12. Jayden's Vlogs says

    looks yummy it makes me hungry. just wondering y there not even using serving spoon when they preparing the foods in the plate?? instend they using their hands

  13. Marta Wayan says

    mimih jaeneeeeeeeee

  14. Mikey Dad says

    13:24 Be careful with MICIN, aji no moto make many kids jaman now show up 😂😂

  15. Maheswara Solikha says

    mark u have to try, temulawak, one of freshy soda beverage in pasar senggol

  16. E Wei says

    simple food. huge delicious. why some countries pay so much just for a food.

  17. raj rai says

    U eat a lot of food 🥘 but than also u looks so skinny

  18. Brian Ring says

    I'm eating Chicken Tikka Masala with cheese Naan while watching.

  19. Wulan Puspita says

    indonesian food one of the best in the world

  20. Subah Asa says

    from some countries that most delicious?
    which country and what is the name of the meal

  21. Allwyn S says

    I'm happy when you are eating with bare hand

  22. Omkar Singh says

    Try to add photos or capture some videos with ur wife and the baby

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