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Inside Broadway’s Secret Laboratory: ‘Hamilton,’ ‘Frozen,’ and So Much More | NYT


A day in the life of the New 42nd Street Studios, the building where Broadway rehearses. Featuring “Margaritaville,” “Pretty Woman,” child stars and cronuts.

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  1. The New York Times says

    Here's an annotated guide to the video:

  2. Lisa Waterman says

    Love the editing, well done!

  3. Soledad D-F says

    I’m in the Boston Children’s Chorus and the guy playing Aaron Burr performed with us last year at our biggest concert! Best night of my life.

  4. A Person On The Internet I-/ says

    "he kills Alexander Hamilton" yOU COULD HAVE JUST SAID "HE PLAYS AARON BURR"

  5. Hannah Johnson says

    “Desk Attendant”

  6. neon simmer4 says

    So… for Hamilton is that the original cast minus lin (of course), just wondering. Lol

  7. Xxmocraft Xx says


  8. B- Great says

    Their voices are so powerful

  9. B- Great says

    For some reason, this feels like a Broadway highschool

  10. Angelica Schuyler says

    The guy that plays kristoff… HOLY MOLY PLEASE KISS ;0;

  11. helplessly satisfied frost says

    3:08 I died😂😂😂

  12. helplessly satisfied frost says

    OK this video was made for me I mean have you seen my profile picture and name this is my life

  13. Carlin says

    this is the coolest video ever

  14. Gwyneth Sauvage says

    I loved that

  15. Sheilagh Noonan says

    Life goals: rehearse a broadway show here

  16. Grace Marie Vlogs says

    Whoever edited this was real salty about Yahoo being in the old New York Times building😂

  17. *Yandere Pony* says

    I love how this was presented!

  18. Hoi_Its_ Kk says

    Who came here for hamilton?

  19. 21Olivia Kozlowski says

    Elevator closes come back here Aaron Burr I’m not done with you!!!🤬

  20. Katherine Currie says

    I live in Portland and burrs mike didn’t work for the first five minutes of the show so they had to restart the whole thing.

  21. Elle Smith says

    Omg Eliza sounded exactly like Philipa!

  22. AftonSmithOfficial says

    …..I kinda wanna be the guy that delivers the cronuts lol😂😋

  23. pkmaniac says

    This was beautifully made

  24. Rhianna - Photographer says

    I saw Hamilton 2 days ago with those actors 😛

  25. Daleylife says

    So, when do they start rehearsing on the stage at their respective theatres?

  26. Liam Klingberg says

    so badass that they have the rotating stage in the rehearsal room

  27. SingYour HeartOut says

    "This used to be The New York Times."

    "Now it's Yahoo."

  28. Natasha Sharapova says

    Thank you! It is funny and amazing! Thank you for doing amazing job!

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