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  1. gaae2000 says

    …we at war w/Iraq…and ur in line? for that crap?

  2. J Rolf says

    What line… thats all? What a fissa.

  3. Kyle B says

    welcome to america u white trash piece of shit

  4. emoticant says


  5. BenjaminGib says

    It's not just a phone. It's a real internet browser and email computer.

  6. Sarah Weitzel says

    I can't even imagine waiting in line to spend money.

  7. Marcus Yoon-Soo Lee says

    do u all realize that the lines were worse for the wii and ps3?

  8. Sarah Weitzel says

    Of course I know what they are, a waste. With the problems they are having now with them, they're just an expensive paper weight.
    And I bet you were one of those people that waited in line to spend money. I hope you enjoy it.

  9. joeyballs30 says

    this is what happens when you have no friends

  10. drumster731 says

    those people are goddamn retarded, they have no friends

  11. nymartin says

    jamaica is a city in queens nyc DUH

  12. nymartin says

    Jamaika ist eine Stadt im Königinnen nyc DUH

  13. nymartin says

    so he is not saying he is jamaican he is saying he is from jamaica, NY…uneducated GERMAN..

  14. FoxGreyhound says

    wow a german… i love you guys xD^^

  15. dillikins says

    This makes me ashamed of my race (human)…

  16. Margit Jean Hammer says

    fucking idiots

  17. Margit Jean Hammer says

    it costs six cents to make

  18. Margit Jean Hammer says

    cooler doesn't necessarily mean better.

  19. makemebad351 says

    I'm probebly going to wai 2 to 5 hours for the next iPhone if I like it but the night before is just retarded

  20. Justin Watson says


  21. Brandon Uribe says

    that's why they call it the "BIG APPLE"! LOL!!!

  22. Philipp J says

    Hahaha the guy at the end, "it's doesn't smell, I use pampers!!!!"

  23. alex dolah says

    What a FUCKN RETARD JAMAICAN ASSHOLE, You suck dick too!!!

  24. alex dolah says


  25. bestever41 says

    Stupid fuckin tourists

  26. Killya529 says

    Lol that guy is not Jamaican, he sounds like he is from India but had to make something up. Lol

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