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KOREAN STREET FOOD near Pyeongchang Winter Olympics


It’s the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and we’re soaking up celebratory vibes! We head to Festival Park near Gangneung Station where we enjoy local street food, traditional Korean performances and more. But first, we dress up in colorful hanbok at a shop run by three generations.

Check out this site for the list of Korean markets you can visit:

Remember to get your 5% discount with Onnuri gift certificates! Most major Korean banks will provide you with these notes. To learn more about Onnuri, feel free to read about it here:

This video was produced in partnership with The Small Enterprise Broadcasting Information Service of Korea.


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  1. sweetandtastyTV says

    What color of hanbok would YOU like to wear? Pastel tones or walking highlighter?

  2. Jungkooks Wifeu says

    The voice of the woman was amazing!!!
    And mommy oh is cute as always😄 and you look amazing in your hanbok😍

  3. osakaben10 says

    i always want to eat a street food after seeing your videos!!

  4. cc37464 says

    Your humor always cracks me up! I appreciate you vids! thanks!

  5. RaesAnimes says

    Your mom is so beautiful!! Loved your hanbok to!

  6. Usagi Moon.X.O says

    You look so beautiful in that hanbok 🤗 plus Mommy Oh is so cute !

  7. Prissy P says

    Love these videos!!

  8. Boo Sweets says

    2NE1 <3 you made me miss them again!

  9. Husky ARMY says

    fun Story: i was jamming to the beatboxer's beat and my mom suddenly came in my room to get something….i felt so embarressed LOL

  10. Sarah Choi says

    Omg I was staying in gangneung for the first week of the Olympics! Bummed I miss this 😭 thank you so much for sharing though

  11. Cghost says

    7:34 – i want them O.O

  12. Lorie Northcutt says

    Dear Mina…I love seeing you and your mother enjoying time together. I agree with you really well fermented sour kimchi is the best!

  13. Chris Brown says

    You looked amazing as a walking highlighter but the pastel tones were my favorite. Everything you ate looked delicious 🤤

  14. cocoapeach says

    I love Mommy Oh.

  15. heroselene says

    Does anyone know what that drink is at 6:59 ????? I swear that's what the guy in Jurassic World was drinking too. It even came in the same glass pot. I've been trying to figure out exactly what it is for soooooooooooo long now!!!!

  16. unicornmagic FSBA says

    Whyyyy FOOD!!!!!

  17. Joyce Le says

    The food looks amazing! Love your content as always!

  18. Jacque Harrington Wright says

    U look very cute thank you love your videos lots of great information and funny thank your mom lovely singing have a great day☮️❤️🍀🦋🙃

  19. Brett Lafond says

    Mommy oh sounds good when she sings

  20. Celine Yang says

    Wow!!! They’re so good!!

  21. Bidi Cake says

    5:44 tidepods??

  22. Hemp Thief says


  23. Hemp Thief says

    the art in this video


    The walking highlighter though XE

  25. Gail Siangco says

    Mina thankyou for sharing Pyeongchang Winter Olympics !!! It was amazing !!! Delicious coffees ,treats ,look so delicious ! You look so cute with the hanbok outfit ! So nice traveling with Mommie O !!!

  26. S h o o k i e J a m s says

    2NE1 I AM THE BEST 😂🖤

  27. Kira Medina says

    I've been binge watching your videos and now I wanna travel to the east even more than I already do!

  28. CesM says

    Are you going to personally watch the Closing Ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics? If yes, as with your will too… please take a full performance video of CL(2ne1). Hehehe… Thank You!

  29. Emily Russell says

    Where you watching the Olympics?????

  30. Llama Love says


  31. Cruz Mark Joseph says

    I love you miss mina

  32. Roger Garcia says

    Your Mom is adorable and so are you. Keep up the great vlogging Mina!

  33. Aileen Rose says

    You're making me hungry right now😄

  34. Patti Smythe says

    You stay so slim and petit and never put on weight…..

  35. Jennie Fall says

    Your videos are amazing and I've had such a pleasure bing watching them. I adore your speech pattern and explanations on everything you and your mum is experiencing. much love from Hawai'i <3

  36. Angel Lam says

    Mina Oh + Mommy Oh = Oh so cute

  37. noemie rara says


  38. Ana Kariza says

    I love you Ms. Mina Oh! 😘😘😘

  39. Jhabindra Gharti says

    Ru chitter

  40. Subrata Saha says

    좋은 음식 ….

  41. Sarah Hayati says

    Mommy Oh! 😍

  42. Slayer Princess says

    the hanbok you wore looked beautiful on you!

  43. No Name says

    Mommy O is beautiful and seems very sweet

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