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Kota Kinabalu Borneo – Exploring The Filipino night Market


Today is our first full day in kota kinabalu and we will be taking you to the famous Filipino market in Borneo.

Borneo is most famous for its orangutans, but it also has a very famous and popular night market located in kota kinabalu. This night market has many Malaysians and filipino descendants that come here to sell there days catch of fish and all different types of food and fruits and desserts.

They have so many different types of fish ranging from really small to absolutely huge fish, with it all being very reasonably priced the Filipino market is the best place to come and eat in kota kinabalu.

Malaysia is known for its wide range of spices so its no surprise that the food in the night market can taste out of this world depending on the flavors you pick for your food to be marinated in.

If you want to taste the best Malaysian food while in kota kinabalu then head down to the night market and taste some of the best food of your life

  1. Alen DC says


  2. Journey Soup says

    Haha, spicey human meat!

  3. hattie beth says

    Same here nice to watching you back 😆 3rd

  4. Henry Mercado says

    The food looks malaysian version of filipino kaldereta hehe.

  5. oooppps... says


  6. Marivic Castillo says

    It Nice your back guys..😍😍 aww! That fish texture 😍😍looks delicious

  7. Angry Kittens says

    Don't know why they call it "Malaysian style", lol, but that fish is basically a Filipino/Spanish escabeche. Exactly the same spices. And yes, it's delicious.

  8. Reign Heart says

    Hi beautiful Cody, I love what's written in your shirt that says "promote world Peace" if I'm not mistaken.Another thing is why they call that market as Filipino market???Thanks for uploading a new video again and Godbless you both.

  9. John Montgomery says

    I’m so sorry you’re first experience was with a fellow scouser (even not a real one was he mad for it wahaha) I’m thinking about Malaysia 🇲🇾 myself so I’ll be clocking you guys closely on this one ☝️ you still haven’t got the phillipines out of your blood yet clearly I got back a week ago😭 and back in November again I can’t live without it now lol 😂

  10. Xx_karuna _chan_xX says

    Hellow po @@@@ godbless

  11. Lena Oblisen says

    nice to follow yo in Borneo vlogs. that fish is scabeche filipino recipe. masarap. salamat.

  12. Edwin Toledo says

    As always good videos for a lovely couple… once you visit philippines please do visit this place and please do check this link thanks..

  13. J G says

    Nothing beats Guimaras mango!

  14. Drew Andrews says

    Hi coshan, is this video made prior to your philippines summer trip? Because the weather seems pretty sunny.

  15. Devin Boyles says

    That fish looked amazing. I’m with Cody on the squid. It’s good but has to be cooked right or it’s awful.

  16. Malaysia's Prodigal Son says

    Guys, welcome to Malaysia 😀

  17. ramosity says

    May I ask for the title of the song you used in your video's intro? Like that song so much!

  18. Hackbraten says

    The Canon M6 is a great camera. The Autofocus is the best on market this time. Great for vlogging. I have it too and i love the m6 more than my Sony a6300. And the m6 is great for photo too. With the MEIKE adapter for round about 30 box you can use all the other lenses from canon. Love your videos.

  19. Aidan M says

    I’ve booked my flight bro!! Speak soon for camera tips!!!🎥📷

  20. Dorito Minendres says


  21. dnatskfy says

    beef rendang

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