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Before we arrived in Paris I knew I wanted to visit the original Ladurée tea room as I was familiar with its international brand and had tasted the world famous macarons. I’m also a big fan of American writer David Sedaris and had listened to a podcast he did with Rick Steves. Sedaris lived in Paris for about a decade and he said that, during that time, he always liked to take his out of town guests to Ladurée – the original location near the Madeleine – as a special treat. The type of place, he said, where elegant grandmothers go for tea. Let’s just say my pearl necklace was not out of place. Since 1862 this tea room has been a place for people to come and enjoy. Marc and I had a wonderful time choosing a pastry from the shelves bursting with colour and more macarons than you could ever wish for. After devouring them all with our eyes, we chose two to share. We also ordered coffee – café crème Ladurée, to be exact – and it was the best coffee I had in Paris. The whole experience was charming and felt quintessentially Parisian. The details of the gold-rimmed, pastel-coloured cups and saucers, the mirrored walls, painted ceilings, and tiny bistro tables were everything I dreamed a visit to this patisserie would be. I would recommend anyone visiting Paris to treat themselves to Laduree. Hopefully you enjoyed peaking inside this Parisian institution and saw a macaron or two that caught your eye.

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  1. RIGAUK - says


  2. Matthew McCurdy says

    Whoa that looks so good! I will definitely have to check that place out someday! Love the video =)

  3. Nancy Johnson says

    Wow! Laduree is now on my "to do" list. Glad you're having such a "delicious" time in Paris.

  4. JD Casey says

    Wow!!! I love Paris so much

  5. Mark mcCurdy says

    Video good enough to EAT!
    I love the music too….I wonder why an accordion is so common in French music?
    It is beautiful though……Great job!

  6. GetLostwithJohnny says

    Ouu i want to try that famous pastries hahaa x)

  7. Two Broskis says

    The coffee and cakes looked so damn amazing! Lovin the macaroons.
    We also recently vlogged Paris and Amsterdam, would be cool if you could give it a look 😁

  8. Guido J Escobar Col says

    Love your videos!!! would love to visit Paris with my gf and surprise her with Laduree, thank you Eileen!!
    PS: I don't know why but something tells me that being your husband ain't easy haha, not in a bad way tho

  9. Ombrima says

    I'm hungry now XD I liked it , I make video too! If you have time you can check them 😀

  10. Abbas Rizvi says

    Your mom's banker here. Awesome channel.

  11. Marie Marie says

    Awesome video, really cool! Keep on!
    I defiantly follow you, thanks for following back too))
    Happy to share my video too
    Good luck))

  12. Linda Louwagie-Neyens says

    Lovely video! I love the pretty china! And the tearoom matches the china, too! How could you possibly decide on a pastry?!!

  13. Cheers to Travels says

    OMG…i'm drooling! i would have ordered everything there! question, how much were the pastries? ~sara

  14. Al Mind says

    I love you eileen!

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