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Lewandowski on New York AG lawsuit against Trump Foundation


New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood is seeking $2.8 million in restitution; President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski reacts on ‘The Story.’

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  1. She Wheels says

    These people are really stupid. Go Trump! Thanks for MAGA.

  2. Donna F says

    Corey why don't you go make some more checks out from the Trump foundation to Russia.

  3. cgstreetersaddles says

    never answered the question did yo or didn't you give money before you campaigned in that state? U.S. MC

  4. Dieter Kudler says

    As a foreigner watching the US I am surprised by Fox “News”. It’s cheap propaganda and not even smartly made. Lots of talk, no substance, made for dumb masses following blindly a madman who forcefully brings the US down.

  5. angie diguls says

    Just more bias,they didn't seem to have a problem with the Clinton Foundation.

  6. indian star j says

    Who subscrib my chanal and comment I also subscribe his chanal

  7. Brent Young says

    What a liar Corey is, nothing new there. The Trump foundation already had a history of abuses and Corey took part in more of it during the campaign. Same old Fox news.

  8. FOOK TRUMP says


  9. AmericanPatriot 777 says

    Out of all of the non-profit charity foundations that must be based in the State of New York and may be owned and operated by high-ranking politicians (i.e., like the Clinton Foundation), why was the non-profit charity Trump Foundation "cherry-picked" by the previous New York Attorney General's office to be investigated and become the target of a lawsuit? Comments by the newly assigned New York Attorney General in her own words (i.e., "Battling the White House is the most important work I have every done") are very disturbing.

    The newly assigned NY Attorney General's comment seems to make it appear that this investigation and legal action against the Trump Foundation has a politically bias, and that it is political targeting and political harassment, especially when there is reportedly considerable evidence of wrongdoing and self-enrichment in other non-profit charity foundations, like the Clinton Foundation, that are not being targeted for investigations and lawsuits. Does the new NY Attorney General feel like battling the Clinton Foundation would also be the most important work she has ever done? . . . and if not, why not? This whole thing should be thrown out of a legitimate court.

  10. Shemi Rama says

    But But but Hillary…..u ppl r a joke

  11. Fabien Eldridge says

    Where do the democrats keep finding more crooks. Their like roaches, the lights go out and they jump out of every crack. These people are interfering with the President being able to think an lead. This bull shit has gone on way to long but if you didn't find any Russian on President Trump then get the hell out and pay the 20 million the democrats have alresdy paid , no wonder thet are broke ,even after Hillary has stolen Billions ! Enough, they should all be arrested for Treason at this point it is very clear, even to the average citizens.

  12. R W says

    The democrat attack dog media has always turned a blind eye to their democrat darlings faux pas, but they always give their opponents an anal exam. President Trump is being examined as no other politician ever has been. Why? Because he is a threat, not to the country, but to all the do-nothing career politicians. If Trump, a non-politician, who is beholden to no one, can come in and accomplish so much in such a short time it shows their inability, or refusal to do their job. It shows how corrupt they are. It threatens to derail their gravy train. Think about it. How do all these people on a salary of approximately 200,000 a year retire millionaires? How do they afford their mansions? And why do they deserve that salary for the rest of their lives? Donald Trump is a business man he’s going to ask those questions and they don’t want anyone messing up their playpen.

  13. Thelma Atkinson says

    Tax return covfefegate

  14. Harry Hightower says

    You know some thing trump doesn't have to settle it they will close it down and sue trump and his family but let them fight it, which trump won't like all his other BS his family did use it as a slush fund…….there is no abuse of power by NYC an Lewandowski says the same BS on main steam media were they tear him a new one . Even Progressive news Points out how bad this is, how there is abuse but that abuse is trump abusing it . fox is one sided an fools so many it's sad .

  15. Kumul Hooks says

    President Trump yes MAGA

  16. tencare says

    Stealing from vets….doesn’t get any lower than that……tRump elites take your money.

  17. Dianne Skoll says

    Lock Them Up!

  18. Real Genius says

    This is a real brother! Thank you! 🇺🇸👍🏾

  19. Beppe Sapone says

    They are using taxpayers' money to harass Trump.

  20. Mark Hand says

    Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

  21. Henry Wong says

    Barbara Underwood is the one needs to be hsiled for her abusive use of taxpayers money to try sue the Trump Foundation as her own political vendetta. She needs to be fired and jailed.

  22. simon says says

    Trump crime family striking again. They are all filthy guilty and criminal but Trumptards don't care, they eat dumb dumb Donnies daily cheeseburger shits, pretending its ice cream and chocolate.

  23. Tim says

    Trump is not above the law. It's important that the president is held accountable and not given a pass for his and his family's illegal activities.

  24. Nestor Manuel Roura says

    Ask them (the trump family) to ask thier dad to show His Tax Reports. I don't think Trump is in The Oval Office legally. End this doubt from all American. And make it legal and show that "Putin's Russia" did or did not. Paid to play on America's Soil. Putin paid almost a Billion bucks to (the trump family) through many back door deals from other entities or other business enquiry. End this doubt and show your Tax Reports Mr. Putin- I mean Trump.

  25. Sean Fagan says

    Lol prove it in court. No one cares because this is bad. The Clinton foundation lost billions never dis this cow even look into it. This is a joke. Prove it in court.because no matter what the cow barber says the people don't believe or care what she trys to blame the foundation. Trump supporters are not stupid don't care what barber says.the trump People are not on the commie band wagon.

  26. Dave Hernandez says

    the ny ag looks like an alien from the planet deep state. If she wastes tax money on this instead of goin after people stealing from little old ladies then even a democrap has got to be pissed about this garbage.

  27. lou poh says

    ………a running dog?

  28. j mcd says

    Trump is a crook and con man. As a professional accountant who has been envolved with charities all my career .whatching what he did to veterans, what he did with self portraits. Etc. It was obvious to me he was grossly abusing his chartible foundation. I never doubted he would be charged with these offenses. My only concern is why it took so long.

  29. Christie Greene says

    Wow somebody asking like Trump makes him mad. Then what happens they bring up the Clintons. Trump will never give more than he has received, if so he would declare that as a lose and he hate losers.

  30. Leo Wallace says

    Russian scumbots backing the faux channel. Oh the hilarity..

  31. Beegee L says

    Cory is a perfect example of a dumb ass pollock . He can't help hisself, A fucking liar.

  32. kalbs89 says

    Lewandowski is a douche-bag.

  33. Roger Ratliff says

    trump is a POS and he's going to get his in the end. He thinks he can do anything he wants and get by with it but he's going to find out it's not so….LMAO

  34. Eazy Street says


  35. Rick Nash says

    I predicted the ouster of tillerson, McMaster and spicer. Three morons. Now I’m predicting this blithering idiot Corey lewandowski will be thrown out. Hopefully the great DJT will have this pumpkin pie hair cutted freak dragged out by security. MAGA.

  36. Sonny Haskins says

    No it hasnt……..the donations have gone into Trumps 'personal' pocket along with his childrens pockets…Unbelievable !!!!!!

  37. Michael Vile says

    The Republican credibility has legitimately ended…. Womp Womp®

  38. Blue In red says


  39. E.H. J. says

    Corey just won the Trump—- Ass Kisser of the Month Award. —-a set of gold colored knee pads are being sent today.

  40. Tim Kuhner says

    This is GREAT publicity for Trump. Did you hear that dispersion rate? None of the Trumps took a salary and almost all of it went to the people it was supposed to help. This is going to make Trump look golden. This is why you live a good, clean, life folks. People can try to take you down and it just gets turned right back around on them. God bless Trump and God bless America.

  41. dolandlydia says

    This guy is total moran and trump should distance himself.

  42. Long Tall Texan says

    MAGA = Mueller Ain't Going Anywhere!

  43. Agboola Daniel says

    This should be left to the courts to deal with. Corey's opinion is irrelevant here. If illegality has been based on opinion, Trump University settlement would not have been reached.

  44. Mirik Perkowits says

    Womp Womp

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