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  1. Valkyrie Fleischmann says

    Could’ve been worse. It could’ve been a bomb

  2. TheStyles4life says

    Recorded with a 🥔

  3. TOXIC PL4GUE says

    Watch dog???

  4. Isaac Brown says

    Thank you 1010 Wins!

  5. 6sinsero says

    I hope nobody got hurt

  6. A P says

    To bad it didn’t level the whole shift hole liberal city , what a great day that would have been

  7. Jason Stearns says

    Pepper Hicks brought me here.

  8. WS A says

    Is this another one?

  9. Sayven1 says

    Oh come on! Anyone who believes this is just a steam pipe is crazy.

  10. Katarzyna, Kathy Pacyga says

    In NYC is always something. DANGEROUS!!!

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