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  1. Jimmy Adams says

    Nice to see you back. Jimmy from Ireland

  2. Deb InPEI says

    Happy Spring 🌷🌺🌼 still snowing a bit around here for now, nothing green yet but someday soon ❄️🇨🇦🌨

  3. Anna Kramer says

    Sending sunshine from Arizona! Thx for another look at the London I love!

  4. evancortez2 says

    Love the music, it's very melancholy and melodious, not like the obnoxious music I hear in most vloggers' travel vids

  5. Sakura Spring says

    We got a good look at the parks and the routes. Thank you.

  6. Benjamin Wilson says

    Robert… how can I be the man when YOU are the man?

  7. Benjamin Wilson says

    Love this! Irish/English heritage. I am tracking your ass down for a proper pint when I come your way!

  8. Jason Roberts says

    Like London have been years

  9. Florence Clark says

    Fantastic film Robert "can not wait to visit in June .thanks again "

  10. Denise Badesso says

    👋 hello. Good look your park in london . London is my dream .Thanh you

  11. Sara A says

    Precioso vídeo, saludos desde España.

  12. D Stew says

    So cool you have a bridle path in the City. Love your unique videos. Awesome idea.

  13. vsboy 25 says

    London is too cold and nasty for a tan.

  14. roadend78 says

    Not a Safe city London ?

  15. Jeff Davis says

    Magnificent!! Once again another screen gem!…You my friend are a top-notch film producer. Many thanks for your efforts.

  16. makebelievezz says

    Beautiful video! Loved it. Thank you

  17. Miss Melly Vee says

    I found you because of "Watched Walker", and I have just subbed you, what gorgeous footage, I was in London during Christmas 2016-17 (Dec till end of January), not cold in the least, I went shopping in tshirts.. it would have been a dream to see it covered with snow……. I will go and binge watch your videos now, and enjoy them, as I miss London so much…..

  18. Milica Ljubibraric says

    Hi Berry, another great video, and fun bike ride at the end, along with my favorite Wagner's Ride of Valkyries! How appropriate! Many thanks from Vermont

  19. Benjamin Wilson says

    Parrots? wow! Lovely park.

  20. Mairc O'Cellaidgh says

    Think I just got you to 12000 subs 😎 Enjoying the videos. All the best, Mark

  21. Cecilia Leiva says

    London is my favourite city i can't wait to go back thanks for this video and the others ♡

  22. Hilary Ratcliff says

    Lovely vlog, beautifully edited! 🙂

  23. Diva Queen says

    I have only ever done St. Paddy's day once and it defeated this poor Scottish Queen – never again! x

  24. Eleanor Crow says

    Hi Robert, I look forward to your videos. You are indeed a class act. Loving London from Richmond, Virginia USA

  25. Pierre Caron says

    I miss London so much.

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