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  1. Chapter 33 NYC Building Code 12-2014 says

    Great video, Big Mike, keep up the good work, we all can learn from you!

  2. - Zack - says

    Big mike, I just found your channel today and this is a good video on construction which I'm interested in. My question is I'm NYC is the work good in money

  3. Timothy Kanhai says

    Go union 15 /20 an hr is crap. Union pays way more with benefits. I understand what you are trying to do but as a carpenter foreman for the carpenters union I will not hire a kid off the street with just that alone.

  4. Timothy Kim says

    Hi Mike, what about a driver's license? I don't have one.

  5. Timothy Kim says

    Hi Mike, another question: how important is a high school diploma?


    Hey Big Mike. I just loved your video. I am from India and have 10 years working in construction field. Will you help me come over.

  7. Angel Z. Lopez says

    Mike I have an extensive record working as an estimator and project manager. Do you have any connections? I’m moving to NYC in November

  8. Snoopy Schulz says

    spoken like a true scab

  9. oshea201 says

    What a load of shit. Scab

  10. Mohammad Alam says

    I am a Site Engineer ,Do I need only these 2 cards or something else ?

  11. TW0 N0NF1CTI0N says

    Thank you mike i appreciate the advice you’ve given, I have an opportunity to get my osha for free, I think I’m going to take it because it’s good money and it’s a good trade to get involved in

  12. Bro Ski says

    Good video, much respect.

  13. StuntRider20 says

    I’m doing my ohsa 10 and flagger course, tomorrow at Lon island city, will you help me after with a job?

  14. Ryan says

    Hey Mike what is the difference between 10 hour and 30 hour osha card and what would you recommend?

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