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Los Angeles Heavy Rain with Flooding. 1995 – 2005


It’s true that most of the time we hardly ever see rain in Los Angeles. From April to December it’s day after day of sunny and warm. Beginning in January, everything changes. We can expect anything from severe wind storms, icy cold temps, and lots of rain. Too much rain at times, causing roads and bridges to disappear, houses sliding off hillsides, mudslides sweeping away entire neighborhoods, plus flooding, such as in 1995. And then again in 2005.

  1. siskokidd says

    You of course meant "photojournalism," but your fingers said otherwise. Either way, I thank you.

  2. sweet2boy says

    great footage! where in los angeles did u take these shots?

  3. siskokidd says

    Read the title slates, they say where. Basically in or near Los Angeles.

  4. sweet2boy says

    sorry about that..realized that after the fact!

  5. Play with Junk says

    I was in LA in summer 1999, can't believe this is the same area.

    Maybe climate is really changing.

  6. Gabby Jay says

    no shit it is.

  7. siskokidd says

    About once every 10 years this area get's a flooding rain. Been that way since forever.

  8. Robbe19 says

    that was ok

  9. nanomusic says

    and in 2005, the same thing happened.

  10. Canuckpirate says

    Is this a drainage problem or just an absolutely insane day? I live in Vancouver where it rains all the damn time, and it's never flooded 'long as I've been alive. Hope you didn't suffer much damage, nature's a bitch.

  11. siskokidd says

    Well, in general the land around Los Angeles does not get much rain, so the land isn't used to channeling or absorbing much water when it does rain. The rain in the video reflects the extreme end of what nature offers up to us every few years.

  12. tactteam00 says

    whoa! i just realized 6:20 is right by my house.

  13. longbeach225 says

    Lot of people say California weather is perfect that is quite true but when it storms here it can be very bad.

  14. FOREVER AND A DAY says

    LOL!! @ 6:20

  15. Gorilla Monsoon says

    What month is this? I vividly remember it raining like crazy in March 1995; it was some of the hardest rain I recall.

  16. siskokidd says

    Good question Snuggle Cuddles. I can't say for sure, but March is a good guess. Do you remember Jan of 1993, when it rained for 15 days straight and homes from LA to Orange county were sliding off the hills?

  17. guodade says

    The scenes here are from March 1995 and January 2005.

    People call Los Angeles a desert because it rains so rarely there – fewer rainy days per year than Phoenix or Alice Springs in Central Australia – although it is clearly too humid to be “arid” in most years (and Southern California is and was naturally too well-vegetated to be any sort of “desert”).

    The thing is that when it does rain in Southern California it invariably causes chaos because the rain is so heavy due to the high mountains (Hoegee Camp recorded 26.12 inches or 663.1 millimetres of rain in a day on 22 January 1943) and the land is so geologically active as to be extremely erodible.

  18. ImYourCrazyAunt22 Gta5 Gaming says

    I remember the 2005 storm the sun valley area I lived there but the street was flooded but when I saw two lafd helicopters in the morning I realize something bad happen.

  19. Steve Close says

    Thanks for sharing that Michael… aka siskokidd

  20. Samm B says

    wow so scary

  21. Darius The Hedgehog 180 California Freeways says

    I hope Southern California sees a year like 2004-2005 again in the early 2020's better.

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