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  1. VOXS2 says

    Can someone please tell me how come in 1903 it looked so over populated and today same place its not as populated as 1903 ? i thought 1903 would have 50 people walking around and that 2011 would have this populated all over the city.. Well aniways its interesting. Big city new york and something allready exsisted that big in the year 1903 ? hard to believe… i allways thought 1903 was just small narrow streets muddy and smelly and rats all over the place and conflicts nd tiny little city.

  2. benno781 says

    EVERYONE in the film would be dead?!? makes you think right. . .

  3. Edmund Benaojanovic says

    Too many people in 1903. All of them are already dead.

  4. ElConductista says

    A todos se les ve correctamente vestidos. Nadie en camisa ni con vestimentas desaliñadas, tal como aparecen a veces en las peliculas de Hollywood representando esos tiempos

  5. Skylinesandsunsets says

    @Blackboilingrobotoil – It makes me wonder….A century from now, what will people use to watch antique youtube videos? 🙂

  6. Blackboilingrobotoil says

    @Skylinesandsunsets They’ll probably just have some sort of chip in their brain that allows them to instantly access all of the accumulated knowledge of human history. They’ll watch us they way we watched this video and laugh while they read our comments and wonder themselves if we ever could have imagined them doing so. We did!

  7. Skylinesandsunsets says

    @Blackboilingrobotoil – I'm sure that the technology they will have is way beyond our 2011 imagination.
    At any rate, if they are reading this, let me just say…. HI FUTURE PEOPLE! PLEASE DON'T LAUGH AT US TOO MUCH, WE DID THE BEST THAT WE COULD. HAVE A NICE LIFE 🙂

  8. Yoseman1 says


    It was an age of men. Today, men shave themselves, play video games into their 40's, and need constant re-encouragement. I'll take then. Smoke, shit and all.

  9. HALAK says

    its a sure bet EVERYONE you see in this footage is dead… maybe that will give you the idea on how old it is……

  10. Vince abilly says

    @Skylinesandsunsets lol they probably could jus teleport back in time an see you watchin youtube

  11. Nowplease Readthis says

    It's interesting to note that if you rode in the trolley you would move down the road steady – no traffic lights needed because of the slow pace – you simply stepped on and off the trolly. In fact you moved along quite quickly because it never stopped for traffic jams, traffic lights,double parked vehicles or to let people on or off except on occasion. Yet the road was safe enough to J walk. See the people casually walking through the carraiges and trolleys as they cross the road. I like it.;

  12. RobertoLopezstudyis says

    This is New York City's history at its best! This is also part of American history as well!

  13. Timmi says

    It was crowded even then!

  14. Sonia Lenora says

    I stay reading the Book. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.

  15. TigerRocket says

    This view is located at Fulton & Broadway near St. Paul's Chapel. The building on the left is different to the richly ornate Trinity building of 117 Broadway, corner of Thames St.

  16. Bruno Martinez says

    I think none of those people we are watching live right now… how weird..

  17. StrangerYouKnow says

    @206funny Not clean. But yes. I like the style back then. Wasn't it great?

  18. A. P. says

    Those people… everyone is dead! Am I the only one who finds it creepy?

  19. Johnny boy says



  20. dhksrksalem says

    crazy traffic situation

  21. chem100 says

    @ZZAZZAAZZA Agreed. Not much has truly changed in 100 years. People are still people.

  22. s0caltrukker says

    The only difference between then and now is the technology and the fashions. Take that away and they are no different than us today.

  23. s0caltrukker says

    And no there wasn't cheesy piano music filling the air either.

  24. Linus Magnus says

    Human civilization probably wont survive that long!

  25. Vidics Ferenc says

    internet is going to last i think

  26. kasteman1 says

    It seems that real early 1900's NYC had the more technological and economic disparity than any other city in the world at that time. It's so incredibly fascinating to think that we could build a 30-story skyscraper, but you'd need a horse and buggy to get to it.

  27. Poprostujaola says

    How do you know that?

  28. Shane Dale says

    All these people are dead. Every last one of them. Very sad.

  29. C_B_John says

    wait that isnt at the intersection of wall street, the building behind the park or better the st. pauls graveyard is the astor house. i can also
    recognize that the column at the end of the fence on the grave yard corner, it is the same as i found in old pictures. on the left you can see some parts from the facade of the old city hall post office. so that video is located at the intersection of park row and broadway looking north, or maybe at fulton street – broadway looking north.

  30. joeblowthehot says

    ya but going to the dentist was hell

  31. nick vaskas says

    200th like!

  32. Professor Pat Pending says

    not an automobile to be seen.

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