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Luke Wilson and pro golfer Bill Haas involved in fatal Ferrari crash


A Ferrari crashed in Los Angeles, rolling over and hitting a tree, killing the driver. Pro golfer Bill Haas and actor Luke Wilson were also involved. Here are the details.

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  1. monkeygraborange says

    What shite. No one cares!

  2. Honky Tonk says

    Atleast luke wilson is not dead. thats the important thing.

  3. *GÊLAWDÊOWŠ* says

    Fuck dem elites.

  4. Buckeye Roy says

    Yep everyone else including the individual killed is irrelevant we must keep up the standard of idolizing celebrities/elites … forget about the other 3,286 deaths lost in vehicle accidents every day and keep the focus on those that are important,right Fox?

  5. GW H says

    Wilson’s involvement was in removing Haas from the vehicle. The Ferrari crashed head on with a BMW driven by a woman. Wilson’s vehicle was clipped, he was fine. The driver of the Ferrari, a good friend of Haas perished. Wilson’s involvement was minor to say the least. Maybe Fox should do a complete research before trying to grab a headline?

  6. Gary Biggs says

    Guess I should be happy that I'm poor and drive a big Dodge 4×4.

  7. B.F freud says

    Trump is compromised. Russia confirmed it to American agents.

  8. Joe Smith says

    Ferraris are too delicate. I drive a ford truck

  9. Steve Jones says


  10. Michael Rager says

    Was a wasted purchase to begin with i think. Ferrari's are not assets. If you purchase one. You don't care about your money. There built for speed, not for safety. For example everyone that i have personally met, owning a Trans-am, through outmy life, have died in it. Or had life changing outcomes.

  11. Raw Underground Music says

    Stop with the lazy videos

  12. Barrybados©. says

    Was i just click baited .

  13. dThor Riven says

    Worth wealthy life turned out to be a Bad ending story and it’s totally wrong decision to make. 👻🐍

  14. dThor Riven says

    That’s the horse power!
    Fatal horse power!

  15. Shawn says

    "Ferrari lost control". Learn how to drive one, before really hitting the gas pedal.

    Oh nvm, he'd dead. There is no next time

  16. eric williams says

    Looks like a 355 Spider from 1996-99…. thats a 20 year old car. hope it wasn’t a case of pushing a vehicle used sparingly, right to its limits. This is making me think of Paul Walker and the Carrera GT. Even with low mileage on tires, they’re still supposed to be replaced after 6 years. How the hell did Bill walk away from that wreck barely hurt, and the driver dead? Lucky guy

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