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  1. Martin Renaudin says

    She is a jazz singer, odds are good she knows one of the famous jazz singer of all time 😉

  2. Finnguala says

    How is AmKennClub overanalyzing this? I think that's a very valid argument he/she's got there… I love this version of the song because Madeleine's voice is simply heavenly, but I have to agree with AmKennClub that the original has a deep sadness to it that only a person such as Elliott can convey.

  3. chris neto says

    is that a fact?

  4. florenceswalk says

    spot on!

  5. Arthur Besnard says

    I love both versions. I guess that makes me a hell of a mediator!

  6. Gabriel Fassarella Wyatt says

    Muito boa mas jamais será melhor que com o lindo Elliott 

  7. A Sabree says

    Best version of this song EVER!

  8. Satita Sae-Tang St. John says

    love it.  love Elliott. 
    what a great voice. 

  9. Leslie Elaine says

    Thank you foot introducing me to this Tricky!

  10. Leslie Elaine says

    Thank you foot introducing me to this Tricky!

  11. Claire Boyd says

    Just no.

  12. lisabob22 says

    Kindof a creepy vibe

  13. Lars Kutschke says

    Larry Goldings on piano! RULING

  14. jr4chargers says

    Guys, I'm looking for songs similar to the song 'Goodnight Julia', anyone have any suggestions?

  15. CietherStrike says

    This song pulls me into stasis. This melancholy tune makes me unsure how I feel, but for some reason I gravitate to its vibe.

  16. Asif Khan says

    Heaven in under three and a half minutes.

  17. Michael Friedman says

    Lovely video clip !

  18. Marcelo Soto says

    Temaso! Me encanta! Me hace sentir la composición musical en su máximo explendor!

  19. Xquisitaz says

    I love the cover but why does she skip sections of lyrics?

  20. Alessandro Montefameglio says


  21. chiki briki says

    I'm in love

  22. grange jean says

    quel beau grain de voix!

  23. Robin Christensen-Marriott says

    So lovely

  24. Thierry Lesprier says

    Just Magic…

  25. dionfortune100 says

    how it could be possible to make this song sadder, i don't understand, yet she has….that's a remarkable voice.

  26. Roberto y Juan Band says

    So close and wonderful

  27. Jan Schattenkerk says

    super mooi,,,

  28. FarmYardFlavours says

    I don't understand why there are dislikes. beautiful tune

  29. giatros giannis says

    Fucking Beautiful…………..

  30. PerroConChaleco says

    you're probably not into this kind of music, but I sampled this song and made this

  31. Jim Nelson says

    A soft and gently sung lyric about alcohol's seduction and enthrallment, of lost and broken promise. Elliot Smith has earned his place in the pantheon of truly great lyricists.

  32. Celly Martin says

    wow luv luv💖💖brings humblness to ur soul..deff putting this on my playlist💖

  33. Shane Starrette says

    Interesting take on Elliot.

  34. Richard Strothman says

    Channel Zero

  35. carol says

    this song/cover make me feel SO sad!!!!!

  36. twomstudios says

    manso Samplllllllll…

  37. john Acacio says


  38. Black Koi says
  39. Michael Boswell says

    Elliott Smith is the GOAT

  40. simplyapollo says

    Is it just me or is she doing the song in 3/4 not 6/8 (like in Elliott's)… kind of annoying.

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